VP got doomed by EG and are out of MLG World Finals

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The best-of-three elimination series between Evil Geniuses and Virtus.Pro kept everyone on the edge of their seat as both teams put up a hell of fight for the playoffs stage in New Orleans. 

Game One

For the first encounter of the series Virtus.Pro came with a clear strategy in mind that was relying on a formidable team fight combo  with Ancient Apparition - Venomancer -Shadow Fiend.

The game went all according to plan for VP who had a decent start in the laning phase but not really taking the map control until the 15 minute mark when a huge clash happened around the Roshan pit. In their attempt to prevent VP from taking the Aegis, EG have managed to lose two teamfights in a row due to perfectly landed Ice Blasts on top of Venom’s Poison Nova.

This triggered a huge alarm for EG who had to force Arteezy into a totally defensive item build on his Leshrac with an Eul's Scepter and a Glimmer Cape to make sure he survives in the next teamfights. But this decision let EG without the needed damage output while VP’s Lil kept shooting his ultimate right on spot. In fact Lil on his Ancient Apparition was without a doubt the mvp of the game, finishing with a personal 12-0-15 K/D/A score.

On top of all these VP benefited also from a very good pushing line-up, having Dkphobos on Broodmother, which allowed them to continuously push EG’s towers to finally take the first game in 35 minutes.

Game Two

Facing elimination Evil Geniuses appealed to Suma1L’s signature Ember Spirit but with a twist, sending him to safely farm in the Dire top lane side of the map, while Arteezy took a more utility hero mid lane, namely Windranger.

Having ppd playing Lion and Universe on an offlane Undying, EG had all the necessary tools to shut down VP’s dual mid Tiny-Io combo. With no other weapon for the late game, aside the Tinny-Io who were supposed to snowball from the laning phase, VP lost all the map control and were not capable to secure any relocate pickoffs that would have given them a glimpse of hope for a comeback.

Game two proved to be a very one sided in favor of EG who pushed VP in a decisive game three.

Game Three

The decisive game three was nothing alike the previous two encounters. Both teams fighting for their own survival in the MLG World Finals, the game was a massive back and forth kills exchange.

Everything started with EG securing a double kill at the first bounty rune which gave them the much needed lead for their quite greedy draft made up of four core heroes. But despite of that VP put the Lil Barathrumat work really early and focused Suma1L’s Winranger mid lane. And to make things even harder for EG they managed to steal a huge Ancient stack carefully prepared for Arteezy only 11 minutes into the game.

Planning for a very late game, the position four Doom (Fear) built a Hand of Midas that really paid off later as he found the space to farm his Aghanim’s Scepter and a Shiva’s Guard.

Once the game was transitioning to late stage EG were somehow cornered in their own base by a very aggressive VP who were constantly pushing.

EG’s hope for a comeback suddenly appeared when Universe reminded us all why he is still is the best DarkSeer in the world. An incredible coordination between him and ppd –Lion lead to a four man Vaccum into impale followed by Wall of Replica and VP was simply dismantled in their high ground push attempt.

With momentum on their side EG have replicated the vacuum-impale combo a few times more and regained the game control to finally defeat VP at the end of incredible tense 51 minutes.

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