Virtus.pro to recieve $100,000,000 investment

Этот пост написан пользователем Sports.ru, начать писать может каждый болельщик (сделать это можно здесь).

It was revealed that USM Holdings will be investing a whopping $100,000,000 in Virtus.pro.

It is no secret that Esports has been showing exponential growth in recent years, from being on national TV shows to having larger tournaments than some actual sports. Today, we witness yet another historical change as one of the wealthiest Russians, Alisher Usmanov, has decided to invest $100,000,000 into Virtus.pro.

Ivan Streshinsky, a Member of the Board of Directors of USM Holdings, a company through which Usmanov is making this investment, had the following to say:

"E-sports are a unique proposition, uniting the sports, media and the internet industries. It is a fast-growing market, which has already generated huge interest around the world and Virtus.pro is the leader in the e-sports industry in Russia. I am confident that the support from USM will spur the company’s further development and enable it to take its projects to a whole new level.”

Anton Cherepennikov, Co-owner and Managing Partner of Virtus.pro, added: 

"Our main goal is to increase the popularity of e-sports in Russia, and this is what USM’s investment will go towards. The funds will primarily be used to launch new tournaments and various new gaming disciplines, as well to create media channels to cover the sport and to construct e-sports arenas.”

With such a large investment Virtus.pro will be able to launch new tournaments, approach new games, get new media channels and on the top of it - get a new Esports arena.



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