Frankfurt Chinese qualifiers: The TI champions make a come back

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Both Newbee and IG have managed to qualify for the Frankfurt Majors and will be joining CDEC, Vici Gaming, EHOME and LGD as the Chinese representatives at the event.

The final Frankfurt Major qualifier, the Chinese qualifier, has ended; proceeding from the qualifiers areNewbee, after a 2-0 against IG, and IG, after a 2-0 against Newbee.YWings Gaming was knocked out in the first round of the playoffs by Newbee.Y.

Newbee vs IG:

This series was the finals of the winner bracket, meaning that the winner of this series will qualify for the Major. Looking better than they have in the past year, Newbee won this game 2-0. Game one's early game witnessed Newbee's heroes getting a few kills as well as IG's mid and offlane tier one towers. At the 13 minute mark, IG's Alchemist managed to farm a Radiance, but it was too late for IG as Newbee's burst damage heavy lineup continuously fought and won against IG's lineup, widened Newbee's their lead - forcing IG to GG.

Game two of the series was one of the most tense games of the playoffs. From the start of the game to the 60th minute, the net worth lead and kill score was basically even. The game was a stalemate until Newbee made a bad high ground attempt which resulted in their Gyro not being able to buy back, capitalizing on the mistake, IG was able to take half of Newbee's base. While taking Newbee's base, IG got greedy and overstayed their welcome, getting team wiped twice in Newbee's base. This allowed Newbee to charge into IG's base, destroying their throne.

IG vs Newbee.Y:

Game one had IG playing a strong five man lineup and Newbee.Y playing a lineup designed to win lanes. However, a few good support rotations from IG and a few ganks later, Newbee.Y found themselves at a net-worth deficit which slowly spiraled out of control. The kill score was 32-7 when Newbee.Y called GG.

Game two featured a Jugg-Wisp combo from IG and an Invoker pick from Newbee.Y. The early game went slightly in IG's favor after inefficient team decisions made by Newbee.Y resulted in their heroes wasting time rotating. Newbee.Y was able to keep the lead from expanding but failed to gain a lead in the mid game. Using their slight lead, IG took map control with their gank orientated lineup, got their items faster than Newbee.Y and eventually overwhelmed Newbee.Y.



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