Frankfurt Dota Major Americas Qualifiers standings: EWolves, DC and C9 advance; tiebreaker in place for Group B

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The second day of the Frankfurt Dota Major Americas qualifiers has come to an end. Elite Wolves and Cloud 9 have advanced into the playoffs round of the qualifiers from Group A, and Digital Chaos will move forward into the Upper Brackets from Group B. The fourth contender will be determined through a tiebreaker between Unknown and Leviathan. The tiebreaker and the double elimination brackets will kick off on October 12th, at 19:00 CEST.

The second day of the Frankfurt Dota Major Americas qualifiers group stage included some interesting turn of events. A few games were forfeited and an incredibly, and Team Leviathan racked up a record breaking comeback from a 30K gold deficit.

Cloud 9 have advanced into the double elimination brackets, but will be seeded into the Lower Brackets, as Elite Wolves managed to unexpectedly take the top spot in Group A, with two wins and two draws.

Digital Chaos have finished first in Group B and have been seeded into the Upper Brackets. The Lower Brackets contender for Group B will be determined by a tiebreaker between Leviathan and Team Unknown.

Frankfurt Dota Major Americas Qualifiers standings, day 2

Frankfurt Dota Major NA Qualifiers standings

Frankfurt Dota Major Americas Qualifiers standings, day 2, Group A

Dota 2 The Summit 3 Not Today

    • compLexity 1:1 EWolves – EWolves secured the first victory. compLexity dominated the second game of the series, on the back of a fantastic performance by their Juggernaut. Four of their heroes were top five in networth. compLexity took the second victory, with a 20:8 score and a 24K gold advantage.
    • Cloud 9 2:0 Void Boys – Void Boys had the lead until about 45 minutes into the first game. With a heavily farmed Doom and Ember Spirit, Cloud 9 were able to swoop in and take a game winning fight, stealing the game from under Void Boys and ending it only 10 minutes later. In the second game, Void Boys took the first pick-off before the creeps spawned. Cloud 9 gained a slight lead in experience at the start, but Void Boys had the advantage until about 20 minutes into the game. Cloud 9’s AA countered Void Boy’s Alchemist well and closed out all the openings. Cloud 9 took both games of the series.
    • HCWP 0:2 Cloud 9 – Cloud 9 drafted a more late game oriented lineup in the first game. Although HCWP had the lead early on and their Alchemist topped the networth charts, Braxton “Brax” Paulson had an amazing game on Templar Assassin and Cloud 9’s strategy was perfectly executed. In the second game of the series, Brax was on fire with his Dragon Knight and Cloud 9 outdrafted HCWP so well, that as soon as they came online, they took the lead and secured the victory.
    • Void Boys 2:0 compLexity – Void Boys were able to keep coL’s Gyrocopter and TA under control. Jingjun “Sneyking”Wu had a great game on Shadow Fiend and the Canadians claimed the victory with ease. Despite having a considerable lead in the second game, compLexity were unable to hold off Sneyking’s Naga Siren and took a terrible team fight that led to their downfall.

Frankfurt Dota Major Americas Qualifiers standings, day 2, Group B

Aui_2000 Digital Chaos Dota 2

    • Leviathan 2:0 Boreal – The first game gave way to an all-time record comeback, as Team Leviathan managed to bounce back from a 30K deficit and take the lead by close to 20K. After denying the Aegis and holding on to their barracks, they stole a Divine Rapier from Boreal, which led to their recovery. Leviathan claimed the second win as well, in a lot less exciting game.
    • ROOT 0:2 Unknown – Unknown were in control in both games of the series. In the first game, their Shadow Fiend was outstanding and in the second one they crushed ROOT Gaming in 25 minutes, with a score of 20:10.
    • Boreal 1:1 ROOT – In the first game, ROOT had the lead until the late game, when Boreal’s lineup came online and ROOT started to fall behind. Boreal managed to take the first win. ROOT came back in the second game and took the lead early on. In the end, their five heroes were topping the networth chart. Their lowest worth hero had 1K more gold than the highest hero on Boreal. ROOT claimed the victory with a 35K gold deficit and a score of 49:20.
    • Digital Chaos 2:0 Leviathan – Digital Chaos took the lead right away in the first game. With Templar Assassin having an excellent performance and an incredibly well farmed Ember Spirit, they were able to cruise towards the victory. In the second game, Digital Chaos chose Huskar, making Leviathan’s lineup very weak. DC secured the second victory with ease.
    • Unknown 2:0 Boreal – Boreal forfeited the series, Team Unknown got the Default Win.
    • ROOT 1:1 Digital Chaos – The last series of the night was determined by a coin toss to be 1:1, since Digital Chaos were already in the first place of the group, while ROOT had already been eliminated.


Frankfurt Dota Major Americas Qualifiers brackets

Frankfurt Major NA brackets


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