Frankfurt Dota Major SEA playoffs results: Fnatic, Mineski and Team123 remain in contention

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The first day of the Frankfurt Dota Major SEA playoffs has ended. Mineski and Fnatic have advanced into the Upper Bracket finals and they are both one series away from clinching the first spot. Team123 has moved forward into the Lower Brackets, after eliminating Signature.Trust. The action will resume tomorrow, on October 13th, at 11 CEST.

The day started with a series of matches serving as the three-way tiebreaker between MVP.Phoenix, Signature.Trust and Mineski.

After a total of six best-of-one games played between the three teams, MVP.Phoenix were eliminated, while Signature.Trust and Mineski advanced into the playoffs.

Fnatic swept through Signature.Trust, 2:0, in the semifinals and moved forward to the Upper Bracket finals.

Mineski sent Team123 to the Lower Brackets, 2:0, and will go up against Fnatic in the Upper Bracket finals.

Team123 managed to knock Signature.Trust out of contention, 2:1, on the back of fantastic performances by Ng “YamateH” Wei Poong and Benjamin “Ben” Lim Yi Cheong.

The Upper Bracket finals are scheduled for tomorrow, October 13, at 11:00 CEST, followed by the Lower Bracket finals, at 14:30 CEST.

Frankfurt Dota Major SEA Qualifiers tiebreakers

Major Qualfiers standings SEA groups

Three teams from Group B – MVP.Phoenix, Signature.Trust and Mineski – needed to play a tiebreaker to determine which two teams would advance into the second phase of the qualifiers.

    • Mineski 1:0 MVP.Phoenix – Mineski took the lead from the beginning of the game and managed to secure the win on the back of great performances by Queen of Pain, Shadow Fiend, and Doom.
    • Signature.Trust 1:0 Mineski – Signature.Trust opted for the effective Tiny-Io combo, which helped them recover and take the game back from Mineski, who had the advantage well into the start of the late game.
    • MVP.Phoenix 1:0 Signature.Trust – Sniper made its way back into the draft on MVP.Phoenix’s lineup. With QO going 10:1:13 on the hero, Signature.Trust were at a loss in only 28 minutes.
    • Mineski 1:0 MVP.Phoenix – The game was filled with back and forth action. Mineski managed to take the lead around 30 minutes into the game and hold onto it until the end, as Krobolus snowballed.
    • Mineski 1:0 Signature.Trust – With four of Mineski’s heroes being at the top of the networth chart and Ember Spirit having double the worth of the top Signature.Trust hero, WindRanger, the winner and outcome seemed clear. Ember Spirit and Queen of Pain had become unstoppable and Mineski closed in on the victory.
    • Signature.Trust 1:0 MVP.Phoenix – The last tiebreaker game was a blood bath with a total of 74 kills on the board. While Signature.Trust had the lead for most of the time, MVP.Phoenix managed to bounce back, at one point. Unfortunately, they were unable to capitalize on the momentum and Signature.Trust’s Queen of Pain and Gyrocopter were too much for Phoenix to handle.


Frankfurt Dota Major SEA playoffs brackets

Frankfurt Major SEA results

Frankfurt Dota Major SEA playoffs format

Playoffs matches are best-of-three series. Top two teams – winners of both the Upper Bracket and Lower Bracket finals – will qualify for the $3,000,000 Frankfurt Dota Major, scheduled to take place between November 16-21, in Frankfurt, Germany.

Frankfurt Dota Major SEA playoffs results, Upper Bracket semifinals

Dota 2 Fnatic

Fnatic 2:0 Signature.Trust – Fnatic took the first game mainly on the back of Dominik “Black^” Reitmeier’s Gyrocopter. Fnatic took the early lead. When Signature.Trust managed to seize the advantage about 30 minutes in, Fnatic didn’t allow them to get too far ahead, regained the control and pushed towards victory. The second game was a crushing performance by Fnatic. It lasted for only 26 minutes and ended with a 31:9 score. Another great performance from Black^ and an outstanding game for Chai “Mushi” Yee Fung on Lina made things easy for the Malaysian-based team.

  • Frankfurt Dota Major SEA playoffs results: Fnatic have advanced into the Upper Bracket to finals, while Signature.Trust have dropped to the Lower Brackets.

Gigabyte.Mineski 2:0 Team123 – Mineski’s amazing Templar Assassin led them to a crushing victory in just over 25 minutes. With another dominant Shadow Fiend performance on the midlane, Mineski cruised to victory again, in the second game of the series

  • Frankfurt Dota Major SEA playoffs results: Mineski progressed into the Upper Brackets finals, where they will face Fnatic, while Team123 dropped to the Lower Brackets.

Frankfurt Dota Major SEA playoffs results, Lower Bracket, Round 1

Dota 2 yamateH

Team123 2:1 Signature.Trust – Signature.Trust took the first game, after 51 minutes. Team123 took the lead shortly after the laning phase and kept onto it through most of the game, as Ng “YamateH” Wei Poong’s Ember Spirit was doing really well. However, once Pipat “LaKelz” Prariyachat’s Anti-Mage was ready, there was no stopping him and Signature.Trust went for the victory.

Team123 evened out the series in the second game, with another fantastic game by YamateH. They then took the third game in a convincing manner, with YamateH topping the chart with WindRanger and Benjamin “Ben” Lim Yi Cheong’s great game on Clinkz.

  • Frankfurt Dota Major SEA playoffs results: YamateH’s Team123 has knocked Signature.Trust out of contention and will move forward into the Lower Brackets to face either Fnatic, or Mineski, tomorrow.



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