Signature.Trust eliminated from SEA Major qualfiiers

Team123 will be proceeding onto the next best-of-three loser bracket game after eliminatingSignature.Trust 2-1; Team123 will be playing the loser of Mineski vs Fnatic for a spot in the Frankfurt Majors.

Game one:

Signature.Trust got off to a good start, with Leshrac securing first blood after a solo kill on Ember Spirit and Antimage scoring a kill. However, Team123 brought it back quickly by killing Antimage and pressuring Signature.Trust's mid. As the game progressed, Team123 started grouping up, pressuring Signature.Trust and trying to get objectives, leaving Antimage space to farm. As a result Antimage farmed up his Battlefury Vlads by 20 minutes and slowly created a lead for his team. Due to the game slipping away from them, Team123 were forced to go for a desperate Roshan - they lost the fight at the pit, giving up a large lead to Signature.Trust. After the Rosh attempt, Team123 decided to start turtling to regain a foothold in the game, the tactic worked, but not enough - Signature.Trust won another Rosh fight and took Megacreeps, forcing out the GG.

Game two:

The game started off with a few quick kills scored by Team123 with their Spirit Breaker, just as Team123 were about to gain a sizeable lead, Signature.Trust brought it back with a few kills on their side. The trend of scoring kills continue for Signature.Trust as Team123 continuously fails ganks, then a failed team fight at mid results in a swing of momentum in Signature.Trust's favor. Signature.Trust was unable to do anything with the momentum they gained and lost the lead and multiple teamfights, having all map control taken from them, Signature.Trust called GG.

Game three:

Signature.Trust decided to return to their comfort zone and Team123 attempted to stop them with a similar draft to game one. This time, Team123 got off to a very strong start, managing kill the Antimage once and managing to get off multiple ganks on Signature.Trust heroes. The continuous ganks built a lead for Team123 to win teamfights in the mid-game, but due to leaving the Antimage alone, he got farmed and Team123 was unable to push high ground. It was only after a Rosh fight in which Antimage got killed that Team123 were able to take Megacreeps and end the game.



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