Frankfurt Major regional qualifiers

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A live stream of the latest news and results from the Frankfurt regional qualifiers.

-SEA playoffs-

Fnatic vs Signature - 2:0

Mineski vs Team 123 - 2:0

Signature vs Team 123 - 1:1

-SEA qualifiers-

MVP.Hot6ix vs Team123 - 0-2, Team 123 clinches the first win of the Majors qualifiers with an Alchemist destroying MVP in game two.

TNC vs 4Hate - 1-1, TNC take game two with a minus armor strategy.

4Hate vs Team123 - 1-1, Team123 takes game one with their multicore lineup hitting critical mass. 4Hate runs an aggressive lineup and defeats Team123 before 123's Tiny-Wisp becomes a threat in game two.

TNC vs Fnatic - 0-2, Fnatic takes game one with their wisp-Tiny combo and despite playing relatively badly in game two, Fnatic still manages to take the game.

Spac_Creators vs Mineski - 0-2, Playing consistently, Mineski managed to take game one and game two with an aggresive lineup in both.

RRQ vs Signature.Trust - 0-2, Sticking to their favorite lineups, Signature.Trust took game one with a 5-man lineup and game two with their tried and tested Medusa.

Fnatic vs Team123 - 2-0, Game one featured a Techies from Team123 and a Sven from Fnatic, Fnatic crushes game one. Game two featured Black^'s Naga taking down Team123's early game lead and winning the game.

4Hate vs Hot6ix - 2-0, Through better execution, 4Hate takes game one. Game two was much closer than game one but after a good team fight by 4Hate, they managed to take the game.

Mineski vs Phoenix - 2-0, Mineski continued their good performance and took down MVP.Phoenix and they will stay at the top of their groups. 

Spac_ Creators vs Signature.TrusT - 0-2 - While Spac_ Creators had solid drafts in both games, Signature.TrusT managed to execute their lineups better, take objectives, and end the games when their lineups were strongest.

Fnatic vs MVP.Hot6 - 2-0 - Both games were the story of MVP.Hot6 attempting to beat Fnatic's Tiny/Wisp combination, and failing to do so. Black^ calmly farmed and took objectives almost unchallenged, and both games had an airy of inevitability about them. Fnatic took both games, showing their strength and composure.

TNC vs Team123 - 1-1 - In game one, Team123 surprised TNC with a last-pick Alchemist carry. Despite TNC being ahead on gold for almost the entirety of the game, Team 123 managed to come out ahead in crucial fights, take TNC's barracks, and eventually the game. Team123 came out swinging and spell-slinging in game two, with Ben and Yamateh dishing out the pain with Queen of Pain and Zeus respectively. The burst damage allowed Team123 to win teamfights and push down TNC's ancient without even losing any tier 2 towers, tying up the series.

Phoenix vs Signature.Trust - 2-0 - In game one, QO dominated the entire game with an outstanding performance on Shadow Fiend, helping MVP Phoenix take the game in under 25 minutes. Game two was a much closer affair, with Signature.Trust exerting a great deal of presure onto Phoenix's buildings early on in the game. However, Phoenix knew that their lineup was far superior to Signature.Trust's in the lategame, and accordingly bought Hands of Midas on both Doom and Venomancer. Signature.Trust were unable to take enough lanes of barracks before their team composition began to fall off, and made some questionable itemization decisions. These allowed Phoenix to survive and eventually take the game and the series.

Spac_ Creators vs RRQ - 2-0 - In game one, Spac_ Creators were able to take and maintain a lead for the entirety of the game. Even though RRQ's Panda farmed well on his Shadow Fiend, his team were not able to support him, and RRQ lost the game. Game two was a more even affair, with the two teams trading gold lead up until a disastrous fight in the Roshan pit for RRQ, where they lost their entire team. Spac_ Creators then pushed the bottom lane of barracks, wiped RRQ again, and then the game was over less than five minutes later, with Spac_ Creators winning the game and keeping their slim hopes of progression alive.

4Hate vs Fnatic - 0-2. Fnatic got off to a hot start in the early game and slowly took 4Hate down. Game two had Fnatic runnning a Wisp Tiny and destorying 4Hate with it.

MVP.Hot6ix vs TnC - 0-2, Scoring a quick sucession of kills in the early game, TnC pushed won their lanes and crushing MVP in game one. Game two had MVP in the lead at the early to mid game, but they were unable to use the lead and TnC took their lead and created on of their own, taking the game.

RRQ vs MVP.Phoenix - 0-2 - MVP.Phoenix continued to assert their dominance over their group by delivering two decisive victories over RRQ.

Mineski vs Signature.Trust - 0-2 - In game one, Signature.Trust played an effective Tiny/Wisp combination and a standout performance on Razor by LakelZ, taking a lead in the game from around 5 minutes and holding on to it for the remainder of the game. In game two, LakelZ shone again for Signature.Trust, using the buffs to Doom to their full effect, wreaking havoc on the spell-dependent lineup of Mineski and leading Signature.Trust to a victory in the series.

MVP.Phoenix vs Spac_ Creators - 2-0 - In game one, MVP.Phoenix showed the power of Alchemist - even though QO died many times on the hero, he still maintained a GPM of over 850. This gold advantage allowed MVP.Phoenix to take the game into the late game where they were able to win in the end. In game two, Spac_ Creators tried some unconventional picks in the form of Pudge and Huskar, but MVP.Phoenix once again pulled out an Alchemist who dominated the gold graphs and allowed MVP.Phoenix to close out the series.

RRQ vs Mineski - 0-2 - In one of the shortest games of the Qualifiers so far (lasting only 14 minutes and 41 seconds), Mineski steamrolled RRQ, with Trolly on Queen of Pain and Saber on Viper racking up 9 kills each before Mineski said that they'd had enough, GG'ing out and ending the game. The second game in the series lasted longer, but the result was the same. Mineski dominated the game with a Huskar running rampant while Alchemist farmed Mineski to victory.

MVP.Phoenix vs Mineski - 0-1, MVP got off to a hot start, scoring three kills but the lead was quickly negated by Mineski who scored multiple kills through good ganks, riding the momentum of the ganks, they took the game.

Signature.Trust vs Mineski - 1-0, Mineski could not deal with the tanky heroes on Signature.Trust and were out late gamed and mid gamed by Signature.Trust.

Signature.Trust vs MVP.Phoenix - 0-1, Signature.Trust played a gank heavy lineup but were unable to find a foothold, allowing MVP to snowball with their strong 5 man lineup.

MVP.Phoenix vs Mineski - 0-1, Both sides struggled to gain a lead, but MVP.Phoenix managed to take good fights and gain a large advantage. However, a late game fight went bad for MVP and Mineski takes the throne.

Signature.Trust vs Mineski - 0-1, Signature.Trust ran their comfort lineup with a Spectre and four space creators, however, Mineski was well prepared for it and drafted an aggresive lineup with strong lanes, winning the game with ease. Mineski gets out of tie breakers, proceeds.

Signature.Trust vs MVP.Phoenix - 0-0, Signature.Trust struggled dealing with MVP's Bristleback and Jugg, however, they were able  to hold after multiple failed attempts from MVP to push high ground and after a few sloppy gank decisions, Signature.Trust regains a lead and takes the game.

-European playoffs-

Team Liquid vs (monkey) Business - 0:2

Alliance vs NiP - 0:2

-European qualifiers-

4Clovers vs Empire - 1-1 - Tiny-Wisp prevails once again with 4Clovers winning game one with the combo. Game two was back and forth, but a poor fight at the rosh pit by 4Clover results in Empire taking the series.

Alliance vs STARK - 2-0 - STARK suffers a crushing defeat as Alliance's gank lineup snowballs out of control in game one. In game two, the Swedes had a constant grip on the map with a Nightstalker core and Naga Siren carry and eventually wore down the Finns and took the series.

Team Liquid vs 4Clovers - 2-0 - Game 1 was the story of Team Liquid making space for MATUMBAMAN's Ember Spirit. FATA prowled teh map, racking up early kills and momentum while the EMber Spirit farmed. 4Clovers attempted a safelane carry Slardar as a potential answer, but Searing Chains proved to thwart their efforts on multiple attempts, and 4Clovers went down after one too many lost teamfights in their safelane. Game 2 proved to a similar carry lineup, with Team Liquid running another Ember Spirit 4Clovers running another Slardar to try ruin his day. With some exemplary support play from KuroKy and JerAx on Lich and Bane respectively, Team Liquid managed to defeat 4Clovers, taking the series 2-0.

Team Empire vs Alliance - 0-2 - In Game 1, Alliance ran a hero that has rarely been seen in competitive play of late: a carry Wraith King. Loda showed just how dominant that hero can be with early farm, thanks to space created by the Broodmother of AdmiralBulldog. When combined with s4's exemplary Shadow Fiend play, Team Empire could do little to stop Alliance, and the game was over in less than 30 minutes. Game 2 saw Alliance return to a carry/support pair that served them well in TI3 - Chaos Knight and Wisp. While DotA2 has changed drastically since those times, Alliance used played to their lineup's strengths, and outperformed Team Empire in a number of teamfights. This led to a Alliance victory, clinching the series for the Swedish team.

No Logic Gaming vs Ninjas in Pyjamas - 2-0 - Game one showed the world that Era can play Ember Spirit as well as any other player in Europe, and this was crucial in their victory. Game 2 started a dramatic laning phase win for Ninjas in Pyjamas Ninjas in Pyjamas had an Axe and Omniknight offlane which dominated the solo safelane of Naga Siren, creating space for Era's Alchemist to obtain a 10-minute Radiane. Ninjas in Pyjamas were relentless in their aggression. Ninjas in Pyjamas were able to claim a quick second win, emerging victorious without dropping a game.

CIS Rejects vs Na'Vi - 1-1 Game one featured Wisp Tiny against Na'Vi's Antimage, in the end, Wisp-Tiny prevailed. Game two ended with Na'Vi overwhelming CIS Rejects before their Spectre could hit critical mass.

Liquid vs Alliance - 2-0 Mistakes were made by Alliance in game one, losing two team fights back-to-back in the late game, allowing Liquid to push and destroy the throne, coming back from a 13k lead. Game two had Liquid capitalizing on Alliance's lack of stuns, picking up Lycan; Alliance kept the gold lead even but with a series of bad fights, they lost the game.

STARK vs Empire - 0-2, In game one, Empire came back after losing the early game to STARK's deathball oreintated lineup. Gam two saw Empire pull out the combination of Tiny and Wisp to great effect, netting them the game.

NiP vs (Monkey) - 1-1 - (monkey) Business took game one through some crucial Shallow Graves by Fly-Simba on Dazzle leading to won teamfights. Game two saw Ninjas in Pyjamas emerge victorious through superb Earthshaker play from jonassomfan and well-farmed carries in Limmp's Shadow Fiend and Era's Juggernaut.

No Logic Gaming vs Na'Vi - 1-1 - In game one, we saw flashes back to Na'Vi's glory days, with XBOCT showing why he is considered to be one of the best players of Anti-Mage in professional DotA2, allowing Na'Vi to take the first game. Game two, on the other hand, saw No Logic Gaming utilize Night Stalker and Legion Commander to graet effect, taking over the map and allowing Xcalibur to farm his Shadow Fiend to a point where Na'Vi could no longer deal with the heavy physical damage output. No Logic Gaming evened up the series in an entertaining fashion.

-Day one concludes-

Alliance vs 4C&L - 2-0 - In game one, AdmiralBulldog showed his strengths as an offlaner through exemplary Broodmother play, managing to hold his own against a defensive trilane. This made space for Loda to farm on his Wraith King, and Alliance put in a dominant performance, taking the game. By losing game one, 4C&L cannot progress. In a clowny game two, the teams played an entertaining game, featuring almost non-stop action, dives under tier three towers while tier ones are still up, and players all-chatting. Alliance did manage to take the game, but overall, the viewers were the real winners.

Team Liquid vs STARK - 2-0 - Game one was a close affair, with no team ever having a lead of more than 8000 gold. Team Liquid managed to take the game by showing the power of Necrophos with an Aghanim's Scepter, with Matumbaman going 15/0/7. In game two, STARK tried to mix it up, picking Tinker, but the pick never quite worked out, and the more stable lineup from Team Liquid managed to clinch them the game in just over 40 minutes.

(monkey) Business vs Na'Vi - 1-0 - Game one was a highly entertaining game, with both teams drafting outside the box. (monkey) Business drafted an Alchemist, but BigDaddy.Notail did not build Alchemist in the way that the rest of the world is currently, playing Alch as a utility hero, with a critical item being an Ethereal Blade to counteract the physical damage output from Na'Vi. A fantastic game to watch, with smart decisions from (monkey) Business allowing them to win late-game teamfights with multiple heroes dead for over two minutes from an Aghanims-upgraded Necrophos ultimate. With Na'Vi having two heroes on the sideline without the ability to buy back into the game, (monkey) Business were able to take the game.

No Logic Gaming vs CIS-Rejects - 1-0 - In game one, the two teams seemed evenly-matched, with the gold advantage never being more than 6500 for either side. Standout Templar Assassin play from Xcalibur allowed No Logic Gaming to take crucial fights and eventually win the first game.

Team Liquid vs Team Empire - 0-2 - Realizing that they did not need to win any more games to progress, Team Liquid forfeit the game, giving Team Empire an automatic victory.

4C&L vs STARK - 0-2 - 4C&L chose to forfeit the game, giving STARK an automatic victory.

Team Empire vs Team Liquid - 2-0 - Empire upset Liquid but it did not matter since Empire are out of the groups, Liquid win the group and move on to the next stage. 

Alliance vs Team Liquid - 0-2 - Liquid win but it was another inconsequential game. Alliance and Liquid will both move on to the next stage. 

Natus Vincere vs Monkey Buisness - 0-2 - The Ukrainian team lost the match and their chances of getting out of the group decrease by a lot, also game two featured a XBOCT Riki so be sure to check that out! 

No Logic Gaming vs CIS-R - 2-0 - NLG are now in the driving seat to qualify behind NiP and might make it to the next stage.   

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Natus Vincere - 2-0 - NiP secure a spot in the playoffs with this win and Na'VI are out of the run for the spot. 

Monkey vs CIS-R - 1-1 - Monkey drew the game and therefore lose their chance to qualify to the next level, they will now play NLG in the next series to determine who moves on to the playoffs.

No Logic Gaming vs Monkey - 0-2, Between Monkey's Brood Mother and Anti Mage in game one, No Logic Gaming was consistantly unable to find their tempo and lost. In game two, N0tail got to play Meepo and went 25/4/6, snowballing out of control and crushing NLG.

CIS Reject vs NiP - 0-2, Depsite getting off to a good start in game one, CIS-R was not able to build a significant lead, consistantly being successfully ganked by NiP's Barathum and Bane, NiP take the game. In game twom CIS-R were not able to put enough pressure on NIP's Gyro and Alch, resulting in them getting farmed and creating a gold lead that eventually won the game.

-American Playoffs-

E Wolves vs TBD - 12 of October, 20:00 CEST

Cloud9 vs DC Dota - 12 of October, 23:00 CEST

-American qualifiers-

E.Wolves vs Void Boys - 1-1, Void Boy was destroyed in game one, going 1-13 at 15 minutes despite having snowball heroes like Huskar. Game two was a stomp in the other way, with Void Boy taking the lead at 10 minutes and using it to take multiple objectives. In the end, a good team fight before going high ground sealed the E.Wolves's fate.

HCoWP vs Complexity - 1-0, Game one was a close game up until the 50 minute mark, when Complexity got team wiped. After the wipe, HCoWP pushed the lead and took the game.

Elite Wolves vs Void Boys - 1-1 - A close series between two evenly-matched teams. Elite Wolves took game one by using a minus armour combination of Templar Assassin, Slardar, and Dazzle, which helped them dish out heavy physical damage in the midgame. Void Boys pulled the series back in game two by using a Spirit Breaker to great effect, never allowing Elite Wolves any breathing room.

Cloud9 vs Complexity - 1-1 - In game one, Cloud9 attempted to draft a teamfight wombo combo in Sven, Dark Seer, and Winter Wyvern, but Complexity made sure the combination never fully came off, and Complexity took the game. Sven proved unlucky again in game two, this time for Complexity. Cloud9 drafted eluive heroes in Ember Spirit and Lycan, and Complexity could not deal with the splitpush, allowing Cloud9 to even up the series.

HCoWP vs Elite Wolves - 0-2 - The series was a demonstration of how well Elite Wolves can play when they come together as a team. In both games, both teams mixed up the heroes that they drafted slightly. In both games, Elite Wolves managed to execute their drafts better than HCoWP did, emerging victorious on both occasions.

ROOT Gaming vs Leviathan - 0-2 - In both games, Leviathan punished ROOT Gaming for havng greedier drafts and poorer laning stages. In game one, ROOT Gaming drafted a Medusa, who was shut down by Leviathan and never had space to farm, allowing Leviathan to take the game. In game two, ROOT Gaming drafted a Spectre, who, like the Medusa, was ganked repeatedly before she could come online, and Leviathan took the series.

unknown.xiu vs Digital Chaos - 0-2 - Digital Chaos showed their strength and synergy as a team in both games. They used the fluidity of the current metagame to their advantage, drafting unexpected heroes such as Enchantress and Centaur Warrunner, and catching unknown.xiu off-guard. While unknown.xiu put up a good fight in the series, Digital Chaos managed to win without dropping a game.

HCoWP vs Void Boys - 2-0 - In game one, Void Boys got off to a good start, picking up an early gold lead, but HCoWP quickly pulled the game back, evening up the game by the 10-minute mark before outfarming their opponents until they had an insurmountable lead and taking the game. In game two, HCoWP's Justin put in an exemplary performance as Shadow Fied, and led his team to a hard-fought victory over the Void Boys, clinching the series.

Cloud9 vs Elite Wolves - 0-2 - Game one was a closely-contested affair, with Elite Wolves only just managing to take the game after one climactic teamfight in the Radiant bottom lane. Game two was a simila story, with Cloud9 ahead for most of the game, but Elite Wolves pulling together when it counted, and taking the game and the series.

unknown.xiu vs Leviathan - 1-1 - An evenly-matched series, with both teams showing well-balanced drafts and great skill, resulting in each team picking up a win, ending the series in a draw.

Digital Chaos vs Boreal eSports - 2-0 - Digital Chaos showed their strength by overpowering their lower-ranked opponents. They won both games soundly with well-thought-out drafts and solid teamplay.

Complexity vs E.Wolves - 1-1, Opening with a strong performance, E.Wolves managed to get a few good fights and end the game with their lead. Game two had many successful ganks pulled by Complexity in the early game, winning most of their lanes and taking the game with the lead.

Cloud9 vs Void Boys - 2-0, Game two saw Void Boys get a lead in the early game but struggling to further it before AntiMage gets his required items, after AM got his items, the game was won by Cloud9. Game one was very close, with Void Boys nearly having a 10k lead, but due to late game errors, Cloud9 pulled it back and won with better team fights.

Unknown.Xiu vs ROOT Gaming - 2-0, Unknown had a higher damage and a better teamfight lineup in the mid game and built a lead that a Spectre on ROOT could not pull back. Game two had ROOT failing to stop Unknown's Alch from farming and quickly lost the game due to the gold difference.

Leviathan vs Boreal - 2-0, Game one featured one of largest comeback in Dota history with Leviathan coming back from a 30k deficit after continously winning fights in the late game; the EG of the past would be proud. Game two was less close, with Leviathan rolling over Boreal with their teamfight lineup against Boreal's Antimage. 

HCoWP vs Cloud9 - 0-2

Void Boys vs Complexity - 2-0

Boreal vs ROOT Gaming - 1-1

Digital Chaos vs Leviathan - 2-0

Unknown.Xiu vs Boreal - 2-0

Digictal Chaos vs ROOT Gaming - 1-1


-Chinese qualifiers-

Newbee.Young vs Team Fantaun - 1-1 - In game one, Team Fantaun managed to upset the favoured Newbee.Young team and take the victory. In game two, Newbee.Young pulled the serie back on the backs of Sccc's Queen on Pain and Kuroyuki's Juggernaut.

DK.Scuderia vs FTD Club - 2-0 - In game one, DK.Scuderia managed to play their line-up slightly better than FTD Club played theirs, emerging victorious in the first game. This continued in the second game, with DK.Scuderia coming out ahead once more, and claiming the series 2-0.

DK.Scuderia vs Newbee.Young - 0-2 - In game one, Newbee.Young dominated the game with standout play from Sccc on Invoker and Kuroyuki on Gyrocopter. Newbee.Young were ahead in the game from 5 minutes in and never looked back, taking the game convincingly. In game two, with an Invoker pick for DK.Scuderia not working out as planned, losing the lane and never coming back. Kuroyuki and Sccc once again shone in the farm department, massing a gold lead that allowed their team to take the game within 27 minutes.

Newbee vs The Wings Gaming - 2-0, Through being more efficient in farming and ganks than Wings Gaming, Newbee secures a lead to take game one. Game two was a little more even, with Wings Gaming taking an early lead, but Hao managed to pull the game back by farming remarkably on Anti-Mage, allowing Newbee to take key fights and win the game just after 27 minutes.

CDEC.Y vs FTD.B - 1-1 Picking up a PL in game two, CDEC.Y was not able to hold on to the relentless pushes from FTD's SF and Ursa, because of CDEC's inability to fight head-on, they lost all their raxes and surrendered. 

DK.Scuderia vs Team Fantaun - 1-1 - DK.Scuderia win game one on the back of qd's Clinkz, who managed to go 10/0/10 before the game ended after just 27 minutes. In game two, Team Fantaun's InJuly managed to utilize Batrider, a currently unfavoured hero, to great effect, allowing Team Fantaun to take the game and tie up the series.

FTD.B vs The Wings Gaming - 0-1 - FTD.B managed to develop an early lead, but with Wings drafting an Alchemist, they eventually clawed FTD.B's advantage away from them before pulling ahead and taking game one. 

TongFu vs CDEC.Y - 1-0 - TongFu showed once again the power of Doom in the current patch, managing to survive through the burst potential from CDEC.Y and turning teamfights. As a result, TongFu managed to win the first game.

FTD.B vs Wings Gaming - 0-2

FTD vs Newbee.Y - 0-2

IG vs FanTuan - 2-0

Tongfu vs Wings Gaming - 0-2

FTD B vs Newbee - 0-2

FanTuan vs FTD - 1-0, In game one, with heroes specifically picked to gank PL, FanTuan managed to win the game before FTD's PL hits critical mass.

DK Scuderia vs IG - 2-0, Ig were out-executed by DK in game one, with both sides drafting a strong mid game lineup. Game two was insane. DK.S and IG were running into each other trying to kill each other and getting killed, after 30 minutes of the bloodbath and raxes being traded, DK.S won two consecutive fights in IG's base and destoryed throne, ignoring the other two sets of rax.

The South East Asian, American and European Qualifiers will take place simultaneously, starting on October 10 and will go on till October 13 while the Chinese Qualifiers will start on October 11 and will go till October 14. The main qualifiers' format will be the same as that of the TI5 qualifiers but less teams will qualify since due to the absence of the wildcard this time.


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