Frankfurt Dota Major SEA Qualifiers standings: Fnatic and SatuDuaTiga advance; three-way tie in Group B

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The second day of the Frankfurt Dota Major SEA qualifiers has come to an end. Fnatic and Team123, from Group A, will advance into the qualifiers’ double elimination brackets, while a tiebreaker will be necessary to determine the two teams that move forward in Group B, out of MVP.Phoenix, Signature.Trust and Mineski. The double elimination phase will pick up again on October 12th, at 04:00 CEST.

It was no surprise to see Fnatic topping their group stage. They cruised through their group without dropping a single loss and secured 12 points.

Team SatuDuaTiga (Team123) will advance to the next phase, as they were second in the group with two wins, one loss, one draw, and a total of 7 points.

Group B proved to be a very close race, as three teams tied for the top spot with 9 points, all from three wins and one loss.

MVP.Phoenix, Signature.Trust and Mineski will need to play a tiebreaker to determine which two teams will advance into the second phase of the qualifiers. Information about the three-way tiebreaker has not been made available yet.

Frankfurt Dota Major SEA Qualifiers standings, day 2

Major Qualfiers standings SEA groups

Frankfurt Dota Major SEA Qualifiers standings, day 2, Group A Dota Major SEA Qualifiers standings

Dominik “Black^” Reitmeier, Fnatic © ESL

    • TNC Gaming 0:2 Team 123 – TnC had the lead for most of the game. However, after a terrible fight for them in the late game, Team 123 was able to take TnC’s barracks and secure the victory. Team 123 had a considerable lead in the second game since the very beginning and a significant difference in kills. The game was over in 50 minutes, with TnC doing their best to fight it off and hold their ground.
    • Fnatic 2:0 MVP.Hot6 – Fnatic had an incredible first game with Black^, DJ and Mushi all having flawless performances and leading their team to victory in 33 minutes. The second game started a bit more even, with MVP.Hot6ix taking a small advantage early, but Fnatic were able to utilize their Tiny-Io combo and farmed Mirana to claim the win easily.
    • 4Hate 0:2 Fnatic – Fnatic started out strong and kept their momentum the entire first game, with Dominik “Black^”Reitmeier crushing 4Hate on Clinkz. The second game gave Fnatic a Tiny-Io combo that they were able to use effectively enough to easily take their second victory against their opponents.
    • MVP.Hot6 0:2 TNC Gaming – TnC took the lead early on. Paired with a well-farmed Luna, the team was able cruise to victory. MVP.hot6ix took the lead in the second game, but they were unable to capitalize on it well enough and TnC ended up seizing the victory.
Frankfurt Dota Major SEA Qualifiers standings, day 2, Group B

Dota 2 march

    • Rex Regum Qeon 0:2 ScT – In the first game, Spac_ Creators were able to take and maintain the lead for the entire time, despite RRQ topping the networth chart with Shadow Fiend. The second game was a little more even, with RRQ having the slight advantage for most of the game until a team-wipe on RRQ in the Roshan pit gave Spac_ Creators the opportunity to seize the lead and push the bottom lane of barracks.
    • Signature.Trust 0:2 MVP.Phoenix – MVP.Phoenix dominated the first game, ending it in only 20 minutes, with a 29:8 score. It was a flawless game for Kim “QO” Seon-yeop on Shadow Fiend. The second game was much closer, filled with back and forth action between the two teams. With MVP.Phoenix’s lineup being better suited for late-game, the Koreans were able to finally move ahead for the victory, 50 minutes into the game.
    • MVP.Phoenix 2:0 Rex Regum Qeon – MVP.Phoenix grabbed the first game in a convincing manner, as QO shined on Queen of Pain and Spirit Breaker, Drow and Queen of Pain topped the net worth charts, giving them a 32K gold advantage by the end of the game. The second game was more even at first, with RRQ taking a bit of the lead in early game. Once MVP.Phoenix came online about 15 minutes in, they snowballed towards the victory, closing in on the game in only 24 minutes.
    • Mineski 0:2 Signature.Trust – The Tiny-Io combo seemed to work in Singature.Trust’s favor, as they were able to take control of the map and the game without too much difficulty. The second game was much more difficult for them. It lasted 53 minutes and it was a constant battle back and forth between the teams.
    • MVP.Phoenix 2:0 ScT – Despite having the lead in the first game, Spac_Creators were unable to hold onto it, as MVP.Phoenix pushed through once they came online with their heavily farmed heroes. In the second game, MVP.Phoenix opted to draft Veno and Alchemist again after their success in the first game. The second game was dead even for the first 15 minutes of the game, but then MVP.Phoenix managed to charge through the next 15 minutes, taking the lead and the game.
    • Rex Regum Qeon 0:2 Mineski – The first game was a complete slaughter, as Mineski stomped through RRQ in 14 minutes, with a score of 22:5. The second game went a little better for RRQ, although Mineski maintained the lead from the very beginning, with Huskar being too difficult for RRQ to manage.


Frankfurt Dota Major SEA Qualifiers format

Dota Major SEA Qualifiers groups

    • The ten teams have been divided into two Round Robin groups of five.
    • Top two teams will advance to a double elimination bracket.
    • First place team will start in the Upper Bracket.
    • Runner-up team will start in the Lower Bracket.


Frankfurt Dota Major SEA Qualifiers match points

    • Matches are best-of-two series.
    • If a team wins by 2-0, it gets 3 points.
    • If the match goes 1-1, each team is awarded 1 point.
    • Top two teams will advance to a double elimination bracket.


Frankfurt Dota Major SEA Qualifiers schedule

The schedule for the double elimination brackets phase of the qualifiers has not been announced yet. We will update this section, once the information becomes available.

Frankfurt Dota Major SEA Qualifiers streams

The Frankfurt Dota Major SEA qualifiers will be broadcast in English as part of the coverage provided by Beyond the Summit, starting at 04:00 CEST, on October 10th.

The organization’s Twitch channel will provide coverage of select group stage matches.

The Frankfurt Dota Major SEA Qualifiers series have started at 04:00 CEST on Saturday, October 10th, and will end on October 13th.


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