Not a fan of the new Armory? Valve's decided to fix it /roll

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The Armory received a make-over as part of the 6.85 update last month, although the default layout left much to be desired in terms of usability, leaving some players keen for it to return to the way it was before. However, Valve has done the next best thing and added a Collection tab to the Armory, which allows the player to customize the layout of their items. You can even revert to the Source 1 Armory!

Valve new console command will let you revert to your Source 1 Armory!

A new filter in the Collection view will also you to organise your collection of hats as you see fit, making it no longer necessary to cycle through all the heroes you don't play to find items for the heroes you do. Valve has also added the "dota_import_steam_inventory_layout" console command, which will allow you to "populate the Collection tab with items positioned as they were in the Source1 Armory", pretty nifty. 

Today's update also includes a notification feature to help you find the items you've just acquired and an Item Details interface, aiming to make it easier to customize and buff up your items with gems or other scrolls. For the hardcore players among you who invested heavily in the Arcana sets you may have found that the visuals did not look as impressive in Reborn, another issue flagged by the community that has now been dealt with.

/roll is back and Clarity/Tangoes no longer instant cast

The /roll command allowed users in dota 1 to roll a random number, and was used to resolve disputes between players over who wanted to go mid or play a certain hero. No longer will you have to feed to be given mid, now you simply /roll and accept the results... or not. 

Another pet peeve of the new patch was the change to how healing salve and clarity potions were activated, resulting in many people accidentally using them instead of passing them to an ally. "Healing Salve and Clarity Potion now require a unit target rather than being an instant cast", should be one patch note every support player will be happy to read.

This update in a nutshell

1. Your armory can now be pimped out Source 2 style or reverted to Source 1.

2. If you're fighting over mid simply /roll

3. If you splashed out on flashy Arcanas they now look nicer

4. You can now customize items more easily

5. You're now unlikely to eat a tango before the horn by accident

Full Patch notes

  • Added the Collection tab to the Armory which lets you customize the layout of your items.
  • Added a filter criteria to show items present or absent from the Collection tab.
  • Added the "dota_import_steam_inventory_layout" console command which will .
  • Healing Salve and Clarity Potion now require a unit target rather than being an instant cast
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause significant performance loss (fix as part of the Steam update yesterday)
  • Fixed various bugs with Arcanas and Immortals
  • Added new options to chat rooms to share your party or custom lobby
  • Added a new Item socketing UI. Note that purchasing of chisels and hammers is not active yet but is coming soon
  • Improved performance when Illusions are spawned to reduce hitches
  • Added a new setting to always bring Dota to the foreground when a match is found (off by default)
  • Fixed First Blood banner
  • Added a /roll chat command
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the client to crash when there is an update
  • Various pathfinding fixes
  • Fixed spectate button on friends list sometimes not working
  • Cosmetic items icons and previews in the loadout screens now indicate whether there are gems or sockets on the items
  • Fixed checkerboards appearing on econ item tooltips for older items associated with brands such as DK's spectator gem
  • Color gem icons now correctly reflect the color of the gem
  • Fixed a bug in the customize screen where sometimes items with styles were showing up as equipped even though they weren't
  • Improved the behavior of the item details magnifying glass on the hero loadout page to bring you directly to the item if you're not viewing a set
  • Enabled individual item controls on the customize screen to bring you to the item details page
  • Tooltip for gem items now show any required hero and/or hero slot associated with the gem
  • Fixed issue where negative lights would not render, causing certain effects to not render properly (such as Enigma's World Chasm Artifact)
  • Updated Lina's Arcana feet textures
  • Fixed Lone Druid hitbox
  • Fixed missing barracks in the watch live panels 
  • Fixed various Fissure cosmetic visuals
  • Fixed display of Nyx Dagon game geometry 
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior when activating Fire Remnant while using Sleight of Fist 
  • Fixed Medusa gaining mana with Mana Shield from attacks that dealt negative damage
  • Dota Workshop: Enabled workshop submissions for Witch Doctor ward, Pugna ward and Venomancer ward
  • Dota Workshop: Made adjustments to required/optional animations for courier and ward submissions

Sources: Steam post, joinDota

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