Mineski on fire - Crushes Trust, secures ticket to Nanyang Championships

Mineski crushes Signature.Trust 3-0 and secures their ticket to the Nanyang Championships LAN finals in Singapore later this month.

Mineski went through the Nanyang Championships SEA qualifiers with constant good performances and finished the first by defeating Thai team, Signature.Trust, 3-0. With the victory, Mineski has secured their ticket to the Nanyang Championships LAN finals in Singapore on the 26th of October.

In all three games of the finals, Signature.Trust drafted aggressive lineups, with Night Stalker and Gyrocopter being picked up twice and a Io-Tiny combo with a Clinkz in game three. Responding to the style of drafting, Mineski decided to pick up defensive supports and cores which were capable of counter ganking, picking up a Dazzle in all three games and a Huskar in game three.

Mineski is on fire, consistently beating some of the best SEA Dota2 teams in the Nanyang qualifiers. As a result of their good performance, Mineski are currently on a five win streak in official matches.

Starting off this five win streak is Mineski's 2-1 win against MVP.Phoenix - the SEA representative for TI5 and heavy favorites to win the SEA qualifiers. Following the upset, the Filipinos went on to crush First Departure 2-0, win 2-1 against Singaporean all star team, SGRejects. To top it all off they destroyed Signature.Trust in the finals.



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