5 JuNGz picked up by Team Liquid

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The long absence of Tem Liquid form the professional DotA 2 scene is now over as they acquired KuroKy’s stack, 5JuNGz.

One day before the Frankfurt Major Regional qualifies to start, Team Liquid pick up the newly and very successful team 5JuNGz.“It feels great to be back! Just over a year ago, we said goodbye to the last Dota team to play under the Liquid banner. Today, I can finally say that we’re back and stronger than ever. We have signed the team formerly known as 5Jungz. - Victor Nazgul Goossens, Founder & Co-owner of Team Liquid.

Created only one month ago, 5JuNGz have managed to grab the qualifier spot for Nanyang Championships that will be held later this month and they are on a 79% win rate ratio with an impressive nine winning streak.

5 JuNGz have already made their debut under the Liquid banner tonight, at the Summit 4 versus Virtus.Pro and accomplished yet another clean 2-0 clean victory which sent VP into the lower bracket.

“We are glad that Team Liquid is supportive of our endeavors and wishful for a successful cooperation. Shoutout to our fans and supporters, keep cheering so our work may be fruitful. - Kuro 'KuroKy' Salehi Takhasom

Team Liquid roster:

headline image credits: ESL 

Source: Team Liquid, GosuGamers.


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