The Defense season V stage two invites

The directly invited teams for The Defense season V have been announced featuring the ESL One New York 2015 Champions, Vega Squadron and Virtus.Pro.

One of the oldest DotA 2 tournaments, The Defense, has made its return this year with the fifth season. Consisting of four stages, The Defense is preparing to start its second phase next week. Although the first phase didn’t end yet, the top three teams from each group that are advancing into the second phase are already known.

There is no surprise to see the newly formed European squads 5 JuNGZ and (monkey) Business to top their group in the first phase as they have proved themselves worthy last month when they qualified for the Naynag Championships respectively MLG World Finals.

The Defense Season V stage two advanced teams:Group A:

Group B:

For the second phase of the tournament six more directly invited teams will be looped in. The total of 12 teams will be again split into two groups with the best three from each group advancing to the third stage.

The Defense Season V stage two directly invited teams:

Started by joinDota in 2011, The Defense has returned this year with a $75,000 prize pool after a two years hiatus.

source: joinDota, GosuGamers.


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