ESL One NY: Secret wreck CDEC, 2-0

The first match of the second day is over, Secret sweep CDEC 2-0 and advance to the grand finals. 

The second and final day of ESL One New York started with CDEC taking on Team Secret. CDEC were the favorites coming in considering their TI5 performance but Secret dominated the series and they have advanced to the grand finals. Secret will face the winner of iG vs Vega Squadron later today in a Best of five series to decide the winner of ESL One New York. 

Game One:

The first game had an interesting draft; w33 managed to get the Windranger once again, Puppey pulled out the support Elder Titan, which turned out to be a great descision. The game started with an early first blood on the Broodmother at 3 minutes. CDEC managed to kill Misery again and again and got three kills by 3 minutes. The early game favored CDEC a lot and they were ahead in terms of net worth until the 8 minute mark. 

CDEC kept on getting kills but did not take any objectives. Secret had all their tier one twoers standing even though the kill score was 9-3 by the 20 minute mark. Envy got caught repeatedly but still somehow managed to get his items and out farm Aggresif. Misery was at the top of the net worth charts throughout the game and kept on killing supports left right and center. 

The final blow came around the 30 minute mark; Secret smoked into the Radiant jungle and initiated onto the Clockwork. CDEC spend all their ultimates just to kill EE-Sama while rest of Secret cleaned house. Secret pushed base and forced out the "gg" call in the subsequent minutes. 

Game Two:

The second draft featured another surprise pick; CDEC's Invoker on Shiki, his first time ever on that hero in a pro match. Secret had a great start; they completely shutdown the Bristleback, killing him twice by 9 minutes into the game. CDEC tried to gank Necro in the bottom lane and were successful but Secret always got a better trade off. Despite being 4-3 down by 12 minutes Secret had a huge net worth lead thanks to their Broodmother and Alchemist. 

w33 went with Solarcrest and Heaven's Haleberd to get mass evasion since CDEC did not have a typical carry that could get a MKB. Misery also played an amazing Broodmother, he didn't only farm but also participated in team fights to help his team. CDEC kept on trying to gank the players but they did not get much thanks to superior positioning by Secret. 

CDEC was behind in terms of net worth but somehow stayed in the game with impeccable team fight execution for a couple of fights. They got three kills twice and cut down the lead. Even though they were way behind in net worth but the team fights were not very one sided. Secret tried to push base at 38 minutes but CDEC managed to sway them with judicious use of their ultimates. 

The Chinese squad went all in to get a pick off on EE's Necrophos and were successful. Secret surrounded CDEC as Necro reincarnated due to the Aegis; CDEC still somehow killed the Alchemist in a matter of seconds thanks to a great Sonic Wave by the QoP. Even after having perfect team fight, CDEC lost four but managed to wipe Secret and Bristleback starting to climb the net worth charts. 

The lead was shrinking but the Chinese squad got greedy. They smoked and went into the Radiant jungle, tried to backstab Secret but got wiped instead. Secret burst down Invoker and the Earthshaker, CDEC were left with no control and therefore lost the fight handedly. Secret immediately pushed for barracks and forced the gg call. 



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