Cloud 9 qualify for MLG World Finals

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After a dominant performance in the qualifier grand finals for MLG Word Finals, Cloud 9 consolidates their new top position over the North American teams ensuring their second qualifier spot to one of the upcoming LAN events of this fall.

With the latest 3-0 victory over Digital ChaosCloud 9 denies for the second time in less than a month DC’s qualifier spot to one of the upcoming LAN events. Last time when these two teams met in a qualifier grand final was at the Nanyang Championships two weeks ago, when Cloud 9 also defeated Aui_2000’s team with the same score, 3-0.

Since then, the newly reformed Cloud 9 have won their first title, BTS Americas only two days ago, which sets them as one of the hottest NA teams of the moment.  

We will get to see how Cloud 9 will handle the pressure next month in New Orleans when they will have to face world’s best teams in the LAN bracket of the MLG World Finals.  

Major League Gaming’s 100th live event will be held at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans starting from October 16th to 18th with six directly invited teams and two qualified squads fighting not only for the MLG title but also for a share of the $250,000 starting prize pool. The LAN event bracket will be a best-of-three single elimination one with best-of-five grand finals which will put a lot of pressure on the newly formed squads like Monkey Business, Cloud 9 or Teams Secret, teams that will have to show their top game right from the start if they want to survive the TI5 winners Evil Geniuses or the runners up, CDEC Gaming.

MLG World Finals attending teams:



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