Global eSports Cup; SEA open qualifiers to start this week

The newly Cup organized by Game Show has already its first Season started with a $330,322 prize pool prepared for the LAN Finals that will be held at the end of this year.

With the CIS region already deep into the open qualifiers stage it is time for SEA to start the qualification process. The first stage of SEA open qualifiers will be held over the course of one week, starting on September 23.

There will be four rounds of open qualifiers in which all SEA teams are welcomed to sign up freely. Each round has its own sign up schedule and you can register your team as follows:

The first day of each qualifier rounds will be played in a best of one setup until the top eight squads will be determined. These eight teams will then be playing best of three quarterfinals matches with the top four advancing to the group stages.

Once all the 16 teams resulted from the open qualifiers are known, the second part of the SEA qualification process is set to start. The group stage features two distinguished rounds. The first round will take place on October 5th to 6th when all the 16 teams will be divided in four groups. They will be playing best of one games in a GSL system and the first two from each group will advance to the second round of the group stage.

Six more directly invited teams will be joining the competition in the second round of group stage which will be held from 19 of October to November 9th. The second group stage will consist of two groups, each group will have four qualified rosters and three direct invited teams.

All games will be played in a best of three round-robin format. First two teams from each group will advance to the playoffs stage where the winner will secure the one ticket available for each region at the studio LAN in Vilnius Lithuania.

The entire tournament will be covered on azubu.tv in both English and Russian languages.



source: d2.gsl.tv, GosuGamers


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