Invictus Gaming; the first finalist of the Nanyang China qualifiers

The Nanyang Championship China qualifiers have reached the final stages with Invictus Gaming securing their spot as the first finalist after a 2:1 series over EHOME.

With CDEC GamingLGD, and Vici Gaming directly invited to the main event , Invictus Gaming and EHOMEwere the two favorites coming into the China qualifiers of the Nanyang Championships. Although both teams have undergone roster changes after The International 5, iG seemed to have adapted thoroughly thus defeating EHOME in the third round of the upper bracket.

With the addition of Wang 'Rabbit' Zhang and Su 'Super' Peng to their roster, iG’s drafts became more refreshing and flexible. Super, their new drafter, was able to utilize Rabbit’s aggressive playstyle to the fullest drafting him Storm Spirit in the deciding game three of the series. On another note, Ferrari is still looking to impress the fans of iG with his performance in the China qualifiers, showing signs of recovery from their disappointing elimination at TI5.

However the journey of the EHOME and iG in the Nanyang Championship qualifers have not concluded yet. EHOME will be playing against the winner of TongFu and CDEC.Youth in third round of the lower bracket. Whereas iG will compete against the winner of the lower bracket in a gruesome BO5 finals in order to qualify for the main event.

Being the first major event in the East after TI5, the Nanyang Championship has become the battleground where all teams try to prove themselves to be the top in their region after the massive reshuffle. The winner of the China qualifiers will fly to Singapore to compete with the six invited teams and the other three qualified teams from North America, Europe, and South East Asia for a two hundred thousand dollars starting prize pool.



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