6.85 announced by IceFrog

A new patch meant to change the current hero balance has been announced by IceFrog on the Dota 2 Dev forums. 6.85 will most probably be launched next week.

Since the Dota2 has been merged with the Reborn Source 2 platform we are witnessing daily bugs fixing in small patches but starting next week 6.85 will hit the deck.

"A new patch will be coming soon, most likely next week, in preparation for the upcoming Major qualifiers. We decided it was better to limit the scope of 6.85 to mostly balance improvements in order to release the update sooner. We'll be aiming to release 6.86 with bigger changes some period after the upcoming Major."  - IceFrog on Dev forums

Although the new patch will not come with hero additions, 6.85 will have a strong impact on the current meta. This will be the first balance patch after the International 5 and the first LAN event played with the new changes will be ESL One New York  (October 3th-4th).

The announcement has not revealed any detailed information regarding the nature of the new changes and it will be interesting to see if Leshrac, Gyrocopter, Undying or even Tusk will survive to see the first Major drafts.

headline image from walpapersdota2

Source: dev.dota2.com, GosuGamers


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