NA Dota is on Fire; Jeyo and co qualified to ESL One New York 2015

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Jeyo, Fluffnstuff and co are truly on fire as they won ESL One New York US qualifiers and secured the trip to Madison Square Garden for the Main Event.

In an unexpected turn of events, considering the results of other recently played tournament qualifiers, none of the better regarded US teams like Cloud 9 or Digital Chaos managed to reach the finals of ESL One New York US qualifiers. The 12 place finishers at The International 5, compLexity and the new reformedFire, faced each other a few hours ago to decide who will be joining Evil Geniuses to represent the North American Dota at one of the most important LAN events post TI5.

Game One

First game of the series was decided after only 19 minutes, Fire being extremely dominant right from the start and taking quite an advantage that allowed them to crush their enemies up to the point where GG was called out even though all tier two towers were still standing.

Game Two

However, the second game turned to be the longest one of the best-of-five series, as Fire decided to counter Zyzzy’s Phantom Lancer with a greedy line-up consisting of three powerful cores; Anti-Mage, Gyrocopter and Templar Assassin. 65 minutes into the game the score board was describing quite a balanced game with a 33-35 kill advantage for Fire. The late game was advantageous for both teams and the victory was determined only by the one who would have had a better team-fight execution.

With their mid lane racks in shambles, Fire went for a defensive stance, waiting for their opponent to come and fight on high ground which created a lot of time and space for Jeyo (Anti-Mage), 747 (Templar Assassin) and WhiteBeared (Gyrocopter) to outfarm and in the end outmaneuver compLexity and claim the second game of the night after 90 minutes.

Game Three

Facing the elimination potential in the third game of the series, compLexity decided to draft a heavy spell damage line up that also meant an early game pushing potential. Although compLexity had the scary Techies on their side and the sneaky Bounty Hunter to ensure the gold advantage, Fire managed again to drag their enemies into a late game scenario that ended up with a Divine Rapier vs Divine Rapier duel between Jeyo (Gyrocopter) and Zyzzy (Ember Spirit).

Despite the fact both teams lost a set of racks, compLexity with their mid lane exposed and Fire with the top lane constantly pushing in, Fire emerged victorious and are now preparing to take New York by storm. 

ESL One New York 2015 participants:


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