New Kings of Europe? 5Jungs vs Monkey Business in MLG EU Qualifiers today

A new European heavyweight might be crowned later today as we witness probably Europe's three most promising new rosters Monkey Freedom Fighters, Monkey Business and 5Jungs take part in the European Qualifiers for the MLG World Finals. The way the brackets have played out means that today's matches are top drawer, with Navi taking on SingSing's MFF, while former Team Secret team-mates NoTail and Kuroky's new teams face each other.

Navi versus Monkey Freedom Fighters - 16:00 CEST 

Can 7CkngMad work his magic? This encounter will be the third competitive match for each team this competitive season. Two weeks ago Navi shared with the world that they will once again give captaining duties to a new roster addition, this time placing their faith in Adrei 'PSM' Dunaev who led Yellow Submarine to modest success earlier in the year. MFF on the other hand sees the return of SingSing to competition, who missed out on TI5 after his last creation Burden United failed to reach the event.

The brand new European team is a medley of various European players who have definitely done the rounds over the years, with 7ckngMad undoubtably the most experienced player alongside SingSing. Both players have managed to guide teams of lesser-experienced players to success in the past; SingSing with Burden United in 2015 and 7Ckngmad With Sigma in 2014.Although Navi definitely have the advantage in terms of individual skill, 7Ckngmad and co should have the edge in the draft versus Adrei 'PSM' Dunaev, who will already be under enormous pressure to put Navi back on the right track. 

5Jungs versus Monkey Business - 19:00 CEST 

Although both players admitted there was no bad blood between them, friends and former team-mates Kuro S. 'KuroKy' Takhasomi and Johan 'BigDaddyN0tail' Sundstein found themselves both leaving a major organisation over the summer and starting afresh.Kuroky's 5Jungs have started well, and have already played six competitive matches compared to Monkey Business who only played their first match two days ago. So far 5Jungs are 4-1-1, with their only loss coming versus Team Empire. They did however beat Vega and 4C&L in the Alienware Summer's End Cup, a tournament they then went on to win. 

Meanwhile, NoTail's Monkey Business definitely put on a show in their first match together in the Defense Season V groupstage. The former Cloud9 player entrusted fellow Dane Andreas 'Cr1t-' Nielsen with Wisp duties while he played a monstrous Tiny who ended the game with Satanic and Moonstone. NoTail who played support for Secret and Cloud9 is playing position 2 in Monkey Business, with Cr1t and Fly on support. Tonight's game against 5JUngs is easily their biggest challenge yet, and should be a cracking game.

Are 5Jungs and Monkey Business EU's new elite?

While Digital Chaos and Cloud9 seem certain to fight over the second spot in NA's Top 3, the power structure of Europe is still hard to decide, especially with many experienced players deciding to invest in newer players. 5Jungs and Monkey Business should on paper be able to challenge for the single EU Qualifier slot at the MLG World Finals. It's game on tonight.  



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