Nanyang Championships NA qualifier: Cloud9 vs. Pain/Union vs. FireDota

The next set of matches for the Nanyang Championships North American Qualifiers will happen today. We are now through to the latter stages of the upper bracket where Cloud9 will play Pain Gaming. The format is double elimination, which gives the losers of the upper bracket matches a chance for redemption. In the lower bracket today we have Union Gaming playing FireDota.

Cloud9 are sporting their brand new roster after the changes that happened across the DotA 2 scene throughout August and ealry September. Led by former Team Secret coach, Theeban '1437' Siva, they have had a good run so far through these qualifiers, taking a clean 2-0 sweep in the previous round. Their opponents today, Pain Gaming, managed to similarly knock FireDota down into the lower bracket with a 2-0 victory. 

All the upper bracket matches are best of 3, while the lower bracket matches are best of 1 until the the 3rd round where they will become best of 3 too. That means that we have a best of 1 knockout series today, as Union take on FireDota. Perhaps unexpectedly, the South American squad seemed to handle the American team with relative ease. With a few staple names of the NA DotA scene in their midst, Fire will be fighting for their lives now.  

The bracket is taken from the Nanyang Championship website where full information on the tournament can be found. The NA qualifiers will determine the one representative from the region at the LAN finals in Singapore later this year. The total prize pool for the event will be over $200,000.The The English language coverage will be done by Beyond the Summit, with the lower bracket match being broadcast first. 



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