Xtinct and Fan join Vici Gaming.Potential

Replacing two leaving members on VG.P is the renowned Malaysian player Joel 'Xtinct' Chan Zhan Leong and EP's Carry Fan 'FaN' Yi Xuan.

The post-shuffle lineup for Vici Gaming.Potential, an up and coming team in the Chinese scene, has been finalized. VG.P will be keeping three of their original players and replacing their support player, Zhou 'James' Yi Fu, with Joel 'Xtinct' Chan Zhan Leong and their Carry player, Huo 'xll' Xiao Lei, with Fan 'FaN' Yi.

Vici Gaming.Potential's lineup: (in order of position)

The inclusion of the renowned and experienced Malaysian player Xtinct in the roster will most likely be heavily beneficial to both the team and Xtinct himself. Xtinct's experience can be used to improve the team and to prepare for LAN events, and the team will be able to provide Xtinct with a stable team and arguably better training conditions than in the poorly funded SEA Dota2 scene.

With FaN's Carry skills and Xtinct's advice, the future is bright for this team who finished third in two consecutive Chinese tier two tournaments pre-TI5; assuming that the two new players on the team assimilate well with the others on the team.



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