Team Secret goes to MLG World Finals

Following MvP.Phoenix’s announcement, Team Secret is the second team to receive a direct invitation to MLG World Finals.

Team Secret will have a busy tournament schedule as they have already got a direct invite to no less than three upcoming LAN events. After Gaming - Paradise Slovenia and ESL One NY Team Secret will travel to New Orleans to compete at MLG World Finals.

This will be a good practice opportunity for the new reformed Team Secret who lost four of its TI5 members. Prior The International 5 Secret managed what no other team had done before, winning four LAN events in a row in one month. 

With a few other tournaments on the horizon it won’t be a surprise to see Team Secret getting even more direct invites before the first Major begins.

From left to right: Puppey,w33, EternalEnvy,Misery and PieLieDie 

Held at the Ernest N. Memorial Convention Center, MLG World Finals will take place from October 16th to 18th and it will be the MLG’s 100th live event, celebrating thirteen years of e-sports for the American organization. 



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