ESL One NY qualifiers: 5Jungs and Fnatic off to a hot start

The first round of the ESL One NY qualifiers for the SEA and EU division have been completed with some good results for the newly formed teams. 

The first rounds of the ESL One NY qualifiers are over and the results of this round has paved way for what looks to be a very interesting round two. Many newly formed teams will be facing off with the well established teams of the respective scenes.

The results of the European qualifiers were heavily in favor of the newly formed teams. Newteam123123(123), Artur 'Goblak' Kostenko's team, managed to cleanly eliminate PR 2-0 and Monkey Freedom Fighters(MFF), Sébastien '7ckingMad' Debs's team, managed to 2-0 4Clovers and Lepricon.

In round two of the EU qualifiers, the new teams that made it will be facing up against the well-established names of the EU region. 5Jungs, Adrian 'FATA-' Trinks's team, will be facing up against Empireand 123 will be facing up against Na'Vi; Empire kept three of their players from last season and Na'Vi kept four players.

Across the ocean, the first round of the SEA qualifiers was played and it gave way to some interesting results. In the first round, 50% of the games played ended with a 2-1, highlighting the close skill gap the SEA scene still has. Well-known teams such as First Departure struggled with lesser known ones such asKingdom (FD won their match against Kingdom 2-1). On the other hand, the 2-0 victory over XctN byFnatic highlights that the SEA scene's skill might still be significantly behind the other Dota2 scenes if the fact that Fnatic, a newly reformed team with internationally renowned players, was able to walk over one of the older SEA teams.



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