moonduck.TV – “More than just a Studio”

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moonduck.TV is a new studio and talent agency being spearheaded by Shannon ‘SUNSfan’ Scotten with the help of various well known Dota 2 personalities and talent such as Zyori, ODPixel, Draskyl, Purge, syndereN, Maut, PimpmuckL and SirActionSlacks.

While the studio and agency will focus primarily in live coverage of Dota 2 tournaments, they will also host tournaments and be a talent agency to foster growth in the Dota 2 scene.

Alongside our broadcasting services, we are also a talent agency. Our goal is to continue fostering growth within the Dota 2 space by connecting event organizers with the perfect talent for their needs; in doing so we hope to develop more opportunities and career mobility for talent on our label. For now, the agency represents the talent listed below; in the future, we aim to represent up-and-coming talent, having good conditions and experience to help them improve their craft and spread their wings as eSports professionals.


The concept and realization of moonduck.TV was initiated by Shannon “SUNSfan” Scotten. SUNSfan is the Co-owner and founder of DotaCinema, and most recently founder of Digital Chaos, the new organization supporting Kurtis “Aui_2000”Ling’s new team.

Although moonduck.TV is a separate venture than DotaCinema, it will be hosting and casting the organization’s XMG Captain’s Draft Invitationals, in addition to hosting their own.

According to moonduck.TV, the studio is aiming to provide unique and innovative content and services. They intend to capitalize on the unique personalities and experiences of their staff to create their own signature style. Eventually, they hope to expand in both talent acquisition and genre of games covered.

The current list of talent and staff will be able to continue to fulfill their previous and additional commitments and roles aside from this project simultaneously. The studio will have a home-base in Phoenix, Arizona but the casting will occur remotely with travel to LANS as appropriate.

Zyori, who parted ways with BTS on August 16, will incorporate his popular podcast to become a regular feature for the studio production.

moonduck.TV Talent and staff


  • Andrew “Zyori” Campbell – Host
  • Owen “ODPixel” Davies – Commentator
  • Shannon “SUNSfan” Scotten – Commentator
  • Andy “Draskyl” Stiles – Commentator & Analyst
  • Kevin “Purge” Godec – Commentator & Analyst
  • Troels “syndereN” Nielsen – Commentator & Analyst
  • Travis “Maut” Bueno – Commentator & Observer
  • Jonathan “PimpmuckL” Liebig – Observer & Producer
  • Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner – Interviewer & Coverage

Support Staff

  • Nikki “Sajedene” Elise – Agent & Legal Advisor
  • Susann “meruna” Berger – Management & Accounting


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