Interview with ESL Open Qualifier team GOLDEN BOYS: «We can make it to NY»

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Members of the former London Conspiracy squad (minus one player), recently reformed to make the team GOLDEN BOYS after LC didn't renew their contract. They have started off their new season in DOTA 2 well, as they won the ESL One New York Open Qualifier to make it to the Main Qualifier, which will allow them to fight for a spot in New York. Their win saw them best MONKEY FREEDOM FIGHTERS, which had pro players such as Weh 'Sing Sing' Sing, Turtoi 'Arise' Ionut and Sebastian '7ckngmad' Debs, Hellraisers and Yellow Submarine. 

The Greek squad is as follows:

Greg 'Keyser Soze' Kallianiotis

Omar 'Madaras' Dabasas

Xaris 'SkyLark' Zafiriou

Verros 'Maybe Next Time' Apostolos

Giannis 'SKANKS224' Theodoridis

We got a chance to speak to the team's carry player Madaras about the team's journey, their chances of getting to New York and how much open qualifiers help newer teams.2P: So can you firstly just talk a little bit about your time at London Conspiracy and then the new team Golden Boys?Madara: Well LC was practically our beginning of playing in a higher level of competition, we had some good and some bad results overall it was a good experience to help each one of us grow as players and persons. Golden boys is created with a mindset of a more professional team focusing more in winning and achieving.


2P: How did you find the open qualifiers? Did you feel like you were more professional than some of the other teams?

M: The open qualifiers was more of a test for us to see what we can do with the big changes that we made, it was an okay run but we could have done better. I believe we have figured the patch better than other teams and we had an advantage almost every game draft wise, in-game I believe we were more professional even though we had just came back from vacations.

2P: It must feel quite good to have done better than the Sing Sing/7ckngmad stack? Does that show that teamwork is much more important than big individual players?

M: We felt good for sure but it's not something to get really excited about. In my opinion just a 5-man stack of good individual players doesn't make them a strong team. Indeed that's exactly the case I believe teamwork will be better always than individual skill but individual skill has to be high up there aswell.

2P: How often do you practise with GB roughly? Is there anything in particular you guys do to work on team synergy? Do you think if a team practised together a lot (and were obviously not just all awful at DotA) they could have a chance at open qualifiers in general? E.g. the Majors.

M: We haven't started practising yet because we just came back from vacations. Well if everyone just knows how to win and does his job correctly team synergy comes naturally. I believe every team that practises a lot and have a good unity can always make upsets and even win an open qualifier like Major.

2P: OK just a follow up on the opens: Do you think they are worthwhile? Some would say there's kind of no point because big teams have it all locked up.

M: Opens are really good actually it gives new teams chance to prove themselves and new talent might show up as it was with Kaipi and Potm bottom at TI3.

2P: How are you feeling about the main qualifiers? Will we see you in NY?

M: We are feeling confident and we believe we can make it all the way to NY, with hard work and determination anything can happen.


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