hyhy returns to DOTA 2

Team Zenith have just shared a post on their Facebook page announcing the Armaggeddon SEAC Singapore Qualifiers playoffs, which is featuring a team that includes the legendary Singaporean player hyhy. Since TI2 he has not played competitive DOTA 2, but it now appears that he is making a return to the scene. 

The teams mentioned in the post are The Singapore Rejects and Team ABC. Team ABC consists of hyhy, xy-, ponlo, tudi and BROTHER BEAR while the Singapore Rejects are made up of Ysaera, Sky Ferreria, xfreedom, chains and lsmurf. 

hyhy was featured in the documentary made by Valve 'Free to Play', which followed his story during TI1. The 2011 tournament is still his best finish to date, placing 3rd with his Singaporean team Scythe Gaming. He has been noticeably absent since The International 2012, most likely due to pressures from his parents and schoolwork that was covered in Valve's documentary. 

It looks like hyhy will make a return to pro DOTA 2 with this new team, which will be good news to many Singaporean DOTA 2 fans.



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