Arteezy reveals internal difficulties in Team Secret

It is no surprise that Team Secret had internal difficulties over the course of The International, as I'm sure they were the most dissapointed to be knocked out of the Lower Bracket by Virtus.Pro.

Watching the drafts and the games, it looked like something was not quite right. As the drafter for TI5 Gustav 's4' Magnusson is one of the best in Europe, so what is surprising is that the team seemed to have so much difficulty in their hero line-ups. Amongst others, first picking Shadow Fiend and Queen of Pain seemed an odd, and perhaps scared, type of drafting.

In game aside, Arteezy has recently talked on stream about some of the problems the team faced throughout the tournament and particularly in the booth. We can see from the player cams on Twitch that things were not exactly harmonious between games in the Secret camp:


The insights that Arteezy gave on stream (the VOD can be watched here) reveal tensions between himself and other members of the team (credit to u/Clasp for the transcript): 

"Everyone had fucking egos. Some of us could not communicate the way we were suppose to communicate. Some of us had a strong distaste for another. I for one knew we were not going to win TI when we entered TI because... yeah. That's all."

"It was actually a shit show."

[9:22 PST]"Feels good to be back where I truly belong.""Real Talk is a losing situation regardless. Everyone's emotional. Maybe another time.""New roster of EG? Just the same roster as TI5 except me replacing AUI and Fear is playing support."

[9:28 PST]"Think I learned a lot in my year -- eight months in secret and I hope some positive optimistic shit will happen you dig? I'm sure everything will work out well.""The problems we had in EG were pretty stupid when I was on it."

"Puppey is one of the best players I've ever played with. My opinion of him did not change negatively at all. Honestly the best player I've ever played with. He's of the Dota 1 veterans that's actually legit and keeps trying to be the best he can.

"It seems that the current Team Secret did not gel at all well in the latter stages of TI5 even though they had won 4 LANs in a row coming into it. Team Secret have released a statement confirming that zai will be taking time off DOTA 2 for school and Arteezy will be going back to Evil Geniuses.Nothing has been announced about the new Secret roster, but they have promised news in the coming days.



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