SsaSpartan: «London Conspiracy has decided to continue without me in the roster»

Giorgos "SsaSpartan" Giannokopoulos has left the message in his fan page in Facebook. In brief, he has decided to leave the team.

"Hello everyone i would like to make an announcement about my carreer as a pro dota 2 player. Lots of changes have happened in the last month. 

London Conspiracy has decided to continue without me in the roster. I would like to thank anyone who have supported and cheered me up and continue doing that after big wins and even bad loses. 

Even though I had my goals high, as everyone know, life,many times, doesn’t go by plan.The only thing you can do is to keep your head up and try for the best.

Finally i would like to say that Dota is something special and something that I love and sacrificing time for it something that worths. I wont stop trying to get to the top and achieve my goals. I think its crystal clear that I am not quiting. 

I am just waiting for a new challenge."


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