TI5: LGD Gaming secures top 3, VG eliminated

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LGD Gaming had a very strong draft with big AOE spells on top of a xiao8's Undying and a Yao's Dark Seer, a duo that can easily win teamfights by themselves. Vici Gaming chose to play a hero that did not see too many victories at TI5 and that actually lost the previous series for EG, Razor.

The difference was made by the way VG chose to lane their heroes, sending Razor-Super into mid lane while Hao played a carry Queen of Pain.

The laning phase was won by LGD’s good pushing power but, feeling overconfident with their spells, they adventured into a five man tier one dive and even though they found a kill on Super’s Razor, Vici fought back ferociously and killed 4 LGD heroes on their retreat run while iceiceice’s Rocket Flare hit the fifth kill in LGD’s base.

With more than a decent lead in networth VG started to group up and pushed LGD’s lanes with flawless objective DotA executions. The game was decided at the 25 minute mark when in a very patient, well executed teamfight at the tier two tower bottom lane, Hao - QOP got the first TI5 main event rampage.

Two minutes later Vici went for Roshan and LGD smoked to contest it but icex3 broke the smoke with his Cogs and landed a perfect Hookshot that yield three kills for his team. With the Aegis secured VG felt confident enough to venture on LGD’s high ground. A perfect Epicenter from Fy ensured yet another team wipe and LGD had no other choice but to tap out giving the first game to Vici Gaming.


Facing elimination, LGD went with a heavy control oriented draft while Vici Gaming looked like they had something specific in their minds and drafted their strategy that relied on a last pick Sniper for Super.

Because they completely ignored LGD’s lineup and had no drafting reactions to the heroes that there were picked, Vici ended up with only one stun to save them from the much more aggressive – gank oriented heroes that LGD had.

That hurt them a lot as they lost the laning phase due to an amazing performance of Yao on Tusk. In fact Vici struggled the entire game and the one who suffered the most was Hao who had one of the worst games possible on Razor. He got caught every time he was left alone and in teamfights he was just a punching bag for Tusk, dying first all the time.

With two Blink Daggers and 3 x Force Staff in LGD’s lineup while Vici was having no mobility items the game became ridiculously one sided and xiao8’s team managed to push VG in a decisive game three.

For the last game of the series Vici Gaming drafted for a super late game with a Phantom Lancer for Hao and the signature Rubik for Fy. But LGD had a teamfight heavy AoE lineup that could survive both early and late aggression.

The game started in an explosive way for Maybe’s Shadow Fiend who found two kills in a row on Super-Lina in the first minute of the game due to xiao8’s early rotation. Super continued to get crushed in the following minutes and he felt behind fast and hard.

The side lanes went also to LGD’s favour as Gyrocopter managed to get solo kills on VG’s offlaner and supports which made Vici to rotate their cores in the jungle and prioritize the farm and especially the levels on Fenrir’s Ancient Apparition.

With AA’s ultimate stopping the push Vici had the time to recover in farm and 22 minutes in, the gold and experience difference was only 1k in LGD’s favour.

Both teams played a standard farming DotA in which only few pickoffs happened here and there but once Phantom Lancer finished his Manta and Boots of Travel he started to split push, which annoyed LGD. To stop him, xio8’s team decided it’s time for a five man smoke gank at the 30 minute mark and they managed to finally find two kills; one on the core Lina and one on the AA. Two minutes later double Eye of Skadi came online as both Gyrocopter and Shadow Fiend had one in their inventory.

The damage output that LGD was suddenly having was no joke so, Vici tried to take a fight in front of their tier three tower bottom lane. Smoked as five they managed to instantly kill the Gyrocopter but Shadow Fiend and Visage decimated four Vici heroes, the only one escaping being Hao’s Phantom lancer.

Despite the fact that icex3 on Dark Seer and Fenrir - Ancient Apparition landed their big Vacuum –Ice Blast combo every time, LGD Gaming was determined to close the game as soon as possible and they never stopped the high ground siege forcing multiple buybacks from their opponents.

With a final Aegis claimed 42minutes into the game LGD went for the GG push and eliminated Vici Gaming from TI 5. A heartbreaking moment for the last year’s runners up who were hopping to at least repeat the performance if not improve it.


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