LGD ended VP’s amazing run at TI5

After they managed to achieve the unbelievable yesterday, Virtus.Pro had to pass another really hard test in the opening series from day five at The International 5, facing the Chinese favorites to win all, LGD Gaming.

Game One:

LGD did not want to take any chances with Illidan’s or G’s Silencer and opened the draft banning it but VP tried to reconstruct the line-up that brought them the victory against Team Secret despite not having the Visage as it was LGD’s ban.

The laning phase disclosed a small role swap for the LGD’s players, xiao8 trading spots with Yao handling a Clockwerk in the offlane. The first five minutes went really good for VP who even dodged the first Blood bullet with a great rotation from FNG who saved DKphobos and got the kill for his team.

But LGD decided only eight minutes in to group as five and claim every tier one towers from VP, to shut down Illidian’s Draw options to farm. After they got the map control LGD secured also an uncontested Rohan kill which fueled them to push even more towers and they were already sieging the high ground at the 18 minute mark.

Forced to defend so early, Illidan couldn’t find his farm at all and ended up feeding LGD in every teamfight and even when he was feeling safe to try get at least his ancients, he died finishing the game with a personal score of 0- 11 -1 after 35 minutes of big struggles against LGD’s aggressions.  

Game two:

For the second game LGD prioritized again Silencer first ban, followed by Naga Siren ban which meant Leshrac was up for grabs and he made his first appearance in the main event with Virtus.Pro’s first pick.

Again VP had a good laning phase, the Nightmare - Split Earth combo delivering the First Blood for Illidan and his team and a fairly easy farm against LGD’s Darkseer offlane.  A two man smoke coming from LGD at the minute 11 stopped the fun that Illidan was having on Leshrac but at the same time gave G’s a bit of space to recover his farm.

A lucky invisibility rune found by Illidan near Roshan pit allowed VP to wipe four LGD heroes plus their courier and teh y went ahead and took an easy tier two tower a free Aegis. Ten minutes later fng’s team was roshing again but this time LGD smoked as five to contest it. The timing was perfect having finished BKBs on both the Templar Assassin and the Phantom Lancer against the heavy spell damage line up from VP who did not stand a chance and got almost wiped giving up a lot of bounty gold in the process.

The 7k gold swing that LGD accomplished with that, plus the Aegis on TA was enough for the Chinese to take over the game from there on and after they cleared all the tier two remaining towers of VP they managed to completely wipe the Russians to take two set of racks and with that they secured their spot in the final four.



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