TI5 Upper Bracket: EG beat coL 2-0

The first match of day two was plagued with delays but it finally ended with EG beating coL 2-0 and securing a top six finish while coL drop down to the lower bracket. 

The second day of the main event was plagued by delays, ReDeYe said that they were getting DDOSed. The first match is finally over with Evil Genuises beating Complexity 2-0. In the next round, EG will face the winner of EHOME/Secret while Complexity will be taking on Virtus.Pro in the lower bracket. 

Game One:

The statergy for coL was pretty simple, END EARLY. EG on the other hand, just wanted to survive the first 30-35 minutes and there was no way they were going to get beaten in the late game. The start was bad for EG, with a score of 6-2 by 9 minutes and Lina being completely out of the game. The only silver lining for EG was Fear's Anti Mage who was competing with coL's Lina and Clinkz. CompLexity had full control, took Roshan and managed to take down all tier two towers by 21 minutes. 

CompLexity pushed the top lane while riding the momentum. They started the push with Chen creeps and normal lane creeps while Fear was split pushing at the bottom lane. Instead of TP'ing Fear kept on pushing and EG managed to stop the heroes from escaping via Eul's and Naga's Song. Fear took down the bottom tier 3 tower and EG killed 3 of coL's heroes in the top lane and came back into the game. 

EG found another great team fight in the Radiant jungle with a three hero Burrow Strike and a full lenght Epicenter; three Complexity members died and Fear got a triple kill while EG lost just the Lina. EG pushed and got two lanes of barracks. The game was over at this point but coL didn't push the gg button and EG had to kill the throne to end the game. 

Game Two:

The second game's draft was very interesting, CompLexity pulled out the surprise "Armor Strat" with Sven's Battlecry, Dazzle's weave, DK's Dragon Blood and Timbersaw's Reactive Armor. EG instead of picking magic damage to counter the stratergy picked Ember Spitir, which seemed weird at the start but then SumaiL happened.

CompLexity got first blood on Aui and things were looking good for them in two lanes but in the middle lane SumaiL was dominating the Dragon Knight. Lina and DK try to gank SumaiL but fail thanks to Ember's Flame Guard, he gets a double kill and is starting to snowball. Everytime coL try to make something happen, SumaiL happens to get a double or triple kill while EG faces minimal loses. SumaiL gets big very fast thanks to his Spirit Usage, at 19 minutes into the game his score was 15-0-22 and had a Battlefury, Treads, Aquilla, Bottle and 3k Cash. He finally died at minute 21 and gave DK 1100 gold. But since coL used all their skills to take down the Ember, EG get Roshan.

SumaiL goes to the middle lane to farm, goes over aggressive and dies twice leading to a 4v5 fight in favor of coL. EG still manage to win the teamfight thanks to their perfect Solar Crest usage, freezing field, song of the siren and eye of the storm. They kill five of coL and the lead ad grows even more. The game is lost at this point, EG push in the middle lane and simply crush coL. This time coL gg out after their tier four towers fall. 



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