The two Champions Newbee and Na’Vi eliminated from TI5

Newbee vs MvP.Phoenix

Contradicting everyone expectations for a safe game the two teams have shown the most aggressive DotA possible. With lineups built for both early dominance and good late game potential MvP.Phoenix and Newbee had a heated start in which kills were traded all over the map.

Even though the kill score was 18-18 at the 27 minute mark in what can be described as one of the most even game from TI5 main event, MvP.Phoenix benefitted the most from all the skirmishes due to Bounty Track kills which helped QO become a very scary Shadow Fiend.

The Korean started to take the lead of the game once their supports Witch Doctor and Bounty Hunter  managed to outfarm their opponents and with key items like Aghanim’s and Solar Crest MvP.Phoenix started to dominate the defending Champions.

With an Aegis secured for QO Mvp.Phoenix went for  the last GG push and at the end of a five  minute teamfight in which Newbee threw everything possible in their defence attempt ,they lost the battle and with that they became the first team eliminated from The International 5.

Na’Vi vs Vici Gaming

In the drafting stage both teams did all possible to surprise each other. Na’Vi put Vici in trouble when they chose a Lina third pick that could have been either Dendi’s hero or a support while Vici Gaming took the Champions by surprise with a Hao Luna last pick.

Although it wasn't an ideal start for Na’vi who gave the First Blood to VG in a level one five man smoke clash, the Ukrainians managed to win both Mid and Bottom lanes but lost entirely the control on Luna who was free farming against Funn1k’s Tuskar.

Once Dendi got his Eul’s Scepter fairly early into the game, the Relocate ganks started to happen and first to fell to his Laguna Blade was Hao. But things changed dramatically once Luna got her BkB and she was ready to join teamfights while XBOCT on Anti Mage was nowhere near farmed enough to be able to help his team in the five man DotA that Vici was forcing Na’Vi to play.

For the next couple of minutes Vici dominated Na’Vi and feeling a bit overconfident, they overextended in a high ground push and lost a teamfight that allowed Na’Vi back into the game as they were the first to take a full  lane of racks.

Even so, 35 minutes into the game Vici Gaming was looking incredibly strong with Butterflys almost finished on Luna and Super’s Shadow Fiend which put Na’Vi in a defensive stance once again waiting for XBOCT to farm even more late game items.

XBOCT, with a little help from his Tuskar, managed to punish Luna for venturing too deep into Na'Vi's teritory and that translated into a full Abyssal Blade for him and a free Roshan Aegis placed on Dendi, but Na’Vi was still incapable breaching Vici’s high ground.

As the game progressed into a very late stage, it all came down to a last crucial team fight and at the 52 minute mark Vici Gaming with a fresh Aegis of their own on SF and cheese on icex3 (Queen of Pain) decided to go for a last high ground push. At the end of a huge team fight in which both teams used all their buybacks the TI4 finalists eliminated the legendary CIS Champions, Natus Vincere.



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