WinteR: «You should be rewarded for being able to 2-0 your opponents.»

WinteR, how’s your experience so far?

It's interesting I guess. It's different from what I have done at the BTS house. It's more serious here. There is a tension in the air. You don’t want to say it's entirely that alone, but it’s a big event so you want to be serious about it at the same time.

Alright, so how nervous were you on your first time on camera compared to this? How nervous were you? On a scale of 1-10?

I wasn’t nervous about appearing on camera. It was just because I had never worked with Chobra ever. I had never spoken to him. So that was the thing that was worrying me the most.

So how was working with Chobra?

It was good. It turned out well. We had really good chemistry. Very good teamwork when we were at the desk. I mean the couch.

So you have to put on makeup before you go on?

Yeah, you have to put on makeup and dress up every day. We have to come down earlier.

So is that weird for you or is it natural?

No, it's normal. When you are playing in a big tournament they put makeup on you. You have to do media days, do an interview, take pictures.

How is The International this year for you?

I mean, it's much better.

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