Strong performance from Cloud 9, IG ties LGD

Cloud 9 vs Fnatic

In the first game of the series it was Cloud 9 who had a stronger draft and a stronger overall performance. They managed to put together a very synergetic lineup with Wisp, Storm Spirit and a Beastmaster for Fata and that payed off quite well for them.

Despite having Mushi on his signature Shadow fiend, Fnatic chose to go with a risky Shadow Shaman pick that ended up to be the sacrificial lamb throughout the entire game. He was meant to help Fnatic to take early towers and split push after but that was just an impossible task as C9 had the relocate available to stop him all the time.  Cloud 9 played a very solid game and took the first game in 39 minutes.

The second game went well for both teams during the early stage with a perfectly equal exchange of towers while the score board was showing a 10-10 kill score 17 minutes into the game. But it Cloud9’s support cast that made the difference, especially MiseRy on Crystal Maiden who even managed to geta  few solo kills which lead to a very fast Midas first item for him. Actually, he became such a disturbing factor that Fnatic decided to smoke 3 of their heroes to gank and take him down.

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