Secret secures 10 points, VP gets their first 3

Team Secret vs Na’Vi

Being two teams that know each other so well, the drafting stage was quite interesting to watch and it end up with surpriseing last picks for both sides. Secret went with an Enchantress while Na’Vi picked a XBOCT Clincz.

First game started very good for Na’Vi and especially for ArtStyle who drew the first blood for his team but also was continuously roaming around the map getting a bunch of kills which put Na’Vi in the lead. But in all this time Arteezy was left to free farm on Anti-Mage and once he got his key items the Na’Vi dominance came to an end.  Losing three teamfights in a row Na’Vi taped out with the GG call 35 minutes into the game.

In the second game everyone from Secret got to play their most feared heroes as Zai was on Tusk, Puppey played Dazzle, Kuroky got Naga Siren and s4 was playing his one million dollars Dream Coil Puck and as a direct consequence they had a brilliant run.

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