Best Games of The International 5, Part 1: Wild Card

1. MVP Phoenix vs. Vega Squadron: Game 2

When CDEC won the first game of the series, many wondered if MVP could possibly bounce back to dodge elimination. The Phoenix squad proved in the second game, however, that they are dangerous when cornered. Fight after fight yielded clutch plays from both teams, with especially strong performances from Febby’s Wisp and Solo’s Enigma. For most of the game, March’s Bristleback was nearly impossible to deal with for Vega, who struggled to beat through Wisp’s healing and damage reduction. An Aghanim’s Scepter pickup by Solo, however, provided the pure damage needed to deal with the hero and kill him several times.  

When MVP barrelled down on Vega’s base and took a lane of barracks, the Russian team turned the fight around with a clutch Queen of Pain ultimate. This began reversal of momentum that resulted in Vega’s Ember Spirit moving up 5 positions to the top of the net worth chart, and purchasing double Daedalus and Skadi to go with his Battlefury. Desperate to turn the game around, he purchased a rapier as well, and the two squads initiated a furious base-race.  

Though Pasha’s items allowed him to one-hit his opponent’s heroes with sleight-of-fist criticals, the split pushing power of the Bristle/Wisp combo proved too much for Vega to handle, and March was able last hit MVP’s only remaining barracks to secure mega creeps. During a hail mary push by Vega down mid, yet another Wisp relocate resulted in their ancient falling despite Ember’s futile attempts at defense.

MVP’s rally in game 2 apparently kept team morale high, and they went on to force Vega to GG in game 3. Just by a thread, Phoenix became the 16th team going to TI5.

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