The Storylines of The International 2015: Team Secret

Every International since the beginning of professional Dota 2 in 2011 has had it’s own unique accompanying story lines. The first International saw the unveiling of Dota 2 itself, as well as unique story lines for individual players and teams, which were showcased in Valve’s documentary, Free to Play. In 2012, the big story was whether Na’Vi would repeat or if the Chinese teams would assert their dominance. The third International featured Alliance coming in with an unbelievable year after forming as No Tidehunter shortly after the 2012 International and proceeding to dominant virtually every tournament they attended, as well as the question of whether Na’Vi would play in the Grand Finals for a third time. The 2014 tournament was rich with stories, such as the revival of Evil Geniuses, the threat of the All Star DK squad, Alliance’s fall from glory, and the continuing question of if Na’Vi would once again make it to the finals. These stories are the history of competitive Dota 2, but with the International 2015 just around the corner, it’s time to consider the stories which people will be thinking about going into this event and in that respect, Team Secret is most certainly a name which should not be ignored.

The Story of Team Secret

Everyone is talking about Team Secret as a hard favorite for the 2015 event, but what some of the newer fans might not realize is that this squad wasn’t even around last year. Originally formed during the post-TI4 roster shuffle, Team Secret was originally composed of only three of its current members, coupled with the two long time Fnatic players, BigDaddy and Fly. Kuroky and Puppey came from Na’Vi after their disappointing finish at TI4, and s4 came from Alliance for the same reason. Team Secret’s roster was officially revealed for Star Ladder Star Series Season 10, with Kuroky playing Carry and Fly in the Offlane. BigDaddy and Puppey were the support duo, and s4 was handling the middle lane.

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