Day 1 recap: A dying dream for a repeat TI champion

The journey to the aegis has ended for four teams, the possibility of a repeat TI champion is dwindling and SEA Dota is left with only one team.

The first four teams to be eliminated are, Newbee, Fnatic, Na'Vi and MVP.Hot6ix; Newbee and Na'Vi are past TI champions, meaning that the hopes of a repeat TI champion rests on IG's shoulders as three out of the four past TI champions have been eliminated. Three (ChuaN, Faith, Ferrari) of those players conquered the aegis in 2012. Remaining single players who won before are s4, Puppey, xiao8 and Hao.

Other than the hopes of a repeat TI champion resting on those shoulders, the fans of SEA Dota are also left with only one team, that team is MVP.Phoenix. The other SEA teams, Fnatic and MVP.Hot6ix were unable to take win their best-of-one and were consequently eliminated.

Other results that are worth noticing is the complete decimation of Cloud9 by CDEC and the still strong form of LGD who are currently playing in, taking down Empire 2-1. The destruction of Cloud9 by CDEC brings about a situation where Cloud9 must face Vici Gaming in the lower brackets, meaning that out of these two teams who are expected to place well in this tournament, only one will proceed.

Highlights of the day:



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