TI5 Main Event Day 1 schedule

This year’s International format gives all the qualified teams the opportunity to play on the big stage and the first day of Main Event will start at 10:00 am PDT,19:00 CEST with the opening ceremony where Video Games will perform live. Right after that two BO3 games from Upper Bracket are scheduled to be played one after another as follows:

19:30 CEST LGD Gaming vs Team Empire 22:00 CEST CDEC Gaming vs Cloud 9

The day will continue with the merciless BO1 games from the Lower Bracket where no less than three former TI Champions are facing elimination. All the best of one games will be played on the main stage and each match will begin after the previous one concludes as follows:

00:30 CEST MvP.Phoenix vs Newbee 01:45 CEST Vici Gaming vs Natus Vincere 03:00 CEST Virtus.Pro vs Fnatic 04:15 CEST Invictus Gaming vs MvP.HOT6

While the Upper Bracket games from today will determine which two teams will secure their spot in the top six and the $1,000,000 prize money, four teams from the Lower Bracket will have their journey at The International 5 ended. The losers from the BO1 games are going home with a bit over $50.000 in prize money, while the winners will survive to fight another day in KeyArena securing themselves a 9th - 12th place and a $200.000 reward.

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