A sneak peek of the TI5 Secret Shop

Do you remember those insanely long queue at the Secret Shop during The International? I experienced it first hand today. Well, it isn't as long because the secret shop is only opened for players, managers and media today but it still took me 3.5 hours to get my hands on some plushies.

Anyway, let's start from the beginning. Today, is the first "rest" day after the groupstage and it is also the day when we are scheduled to go to Key Arena for some early access merchandise. Valve arranged several buses which will be moving back and forth between the hotel and Key Arena and the first one left at 2pm in the afternoon. I went on the second bus alongside several Chinese players and EG. 

Yao and Xiao8 having a chat with 1437 while waiting for the bus.

On the way to the bus.


Read more at GosuGamers.


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