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«This is a dream come true!». 4dr took the second place three times on quals, and now it's finally going to TI10

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3 teams from South America will be represented at The International 10. Who would have thought of that?! Until the last moment, it was not clear which line-up would be the third. The main contender NoPing left the qualifiers early enough, while the Brazilians SG e-sports and the Peruvians Unknown met in the final. And now the Brazilians join the two Peruvian teams Beastcoast and Thunder Predator. A couple of days after the victory, we managed to interview SG mid-player Adriano " 4dr " de Paula Machado. We talked about the past, about the formation of the composition, about the problems of the servers of the SA, the achievements of the region and much more.

– Congratulations on the passage to TI10 and the upcoming birthday! On July 13, you will be 28 years old, you are one of the most experienced (old xD) active Brazilians in Dota 2. Fear won his The International at 27. Do you think that age becomes a hindrance for you or, on the contrary, spurs you on?

Screenshot 1

– Thanks! I think there is no obstacle when you want to achieve your dreams. I have been on this road for a long time, and I always try my best to make everything work. And, as you become older you got more experience than the others, I think it’s a good thing for me.

– According to Liquipedia, you started playing on the professional Dota 2 scene in 2013? Then you just started trying your hand or have you already managed to play the 1st Dota in Warcraft III?

– Yes. I used to play Dota 1 competitively in Brazil, but the scene here was not big enough to make me dedicate full time to Dota. When Dota 2 came out and made a regular scene for Brazilians I tried my best to become the best player that I could be.

– What prompted you to start playing Dota professionally?

– I was really good at Dota 1 and I saw an opportunity in Dota 2 as well. Even in Brazil it wasn't anything compared to NA, China and EU. I think if I could get a good position in TI or even in WESG, I could change my life pretty fast. The prize pool in Dota 2 is pretty huge for everyone and that’s what I fought, But, I love the game with all the problems, I don’t know, it was a mix of feelings.

– Maybe you followed some player and learned from his replays?

– Yes, I have watched and am watching most of the Chinese and European players, but this is in order to learn more about my role and what I can do in the game. For a professional player, it is really important to study the game and watch some replays from the point of view of others. Also, I like to watch my replays and see my mistakes. Probably, thanks to this, we passed on TI.

– Who do you think is the oldest active player from Brazil today? Kingrd?

– Yes, probably, Kingrd and I are the oldest active players. But, as I said, it makes us more experienced in many things. I still have good eyesight. It's hard to stay on top.

– Since I mentioned Kingrd, it has been replaced with Tavo. And then he was listed in the reserve. Can I get some details? After all, you played with one roster for a long time, there were only temporary replacements like Tavo and Fleet in 2020.

– I think it was a team decision. With the initial composition, we reached TI. We wanted to get back to him. I really like Kingrd, but for the team, I think, changes were needed to achieve our goals. It was really hard for everyone, but we changed what we thought was best for the whole team.

18 июня 2020 прощание с НоПинг

For me, in 2020, you confidently held the position of the top 3 in South America and No. 1 among Brazilian teams. However, gradually Brazilian organizations began to leave Dota 2. Can you remember and tell us how it happened to you in June 2020, given your good results?

– I think the whole Dota scene has problems because of COVID-19 and the pandemic situation. Many Brazilian organizations tried to contact us, but no one could guarantee that we would be able to play at third-party tournaments or DPC. In addition, we played with a bad ping and played from home (130-140 in the worst case).

When SG came to us in November, we knew that if everything went well for the Dota scene, we could achieve a lot. Because our office was in a convenient position in Brazil and allowed us to play in the Eastern United States with a ping of 80-90 and in Europe with 130-140. It will probably get better after the Ellalink cable [an underwater Internet connection, thanks to which players from South America will be able to play on European servers with a ping of less than 60 ms – Sports.ru] will be stable, and Europe will be available to us with a ping of 60.

– As you have already mentioned, you are signed by SG, who have returned for the first time since July 2019. You have already played under this tag almost 2 years ago, how happy were you and the team to play under a big tag again?

– It was amazing. This is a good organization, and they have done everything possible to create an office in the region that we want to see here in Brazil. We knew that it was difficult to make large investments at the time of the pandemic. But they did it, and I'm grateful for that. I knew that this was an important moment for all the players and for them to return to the competitive arena of esports.



– Before the start of the first season of DPC, you highlighted the unity of your team. However, you took the 3rd place, and in the 2nd season-even the 6th. What went wrong and why didn't you manage to break through to any of the majors?

– I think that in the 1st season we performed well, but not in the best way. We messed up a lot, made a lot of mistakes and for some reason could not fix them. In season 2, Tavo appeared, but we needed time to become stable. I think we haven't found ourselves. Despite all the problems, we tried our best at TI-qualifying and, finally, everything went perfectly.


«Парни выиграют. Парни выиграют. Они не могут не выиграть». Киевский мейджор, который мы запомнили навсегда

– 4 years have passed since The Kiev Major 2017. hFn has reached the major in Kiev again. You and Tavo failed, but you were selected for TI10. Nevertheless, do you remember that tournament, the victory over Team Secret? 

– Yes, of course! It was an important moment for us and Brazil. I was speechless at that moment, but I remember everything about it. I want to do the same thing on TI 10 and feel everything again. Finally, I am participating in the largest esports tournament and I am going to do everything possible with my team to achieve more than at the Kiev Major.

– What does that tournament mean for you? In fact, this was the first major international success after WESG 2016, and it seems that it is still the largest cash prize for you?

– It means a lot to me all that I left behind, all my time when I could do something for myself or for others, the time spent away from my girlfriend, a lot of things that no one could see but you. The feeling that we are doing this and we are making our way to TI... I have no words to describe it, I feel it from the bottom of my heart, that this is the craziest thing I have achieved.

– You took the 2nd place in the qualifiers for TI for 3 years in a row. But on the fourth attempt, I broke through.

– Yes, I think it's a dream come true. Probably, many people could give up after the second unsuccessful attempt. However, I believe that the time will come when we will be able to fix everything.

– What was the most offensive defeat and why? How do you feel now?

– I really don't remember anything about it, but I don't see anything like that in defeats, you can learn a lot from defeat. I think it's good to see it with other eyes. I feel PRETTY GOOD!

– What do you think made it possible to qualify this time?

– All taken together-staff, players, coach, SG. Everyone was tuned to the same wave. I think it was a coincidence. Everything was going right for us to get through this.

– Can the number 4 be your lucky number? Even in the nickname there is (4dr).

– Hmm, maybe it is.

– You played with many A's. How does KJ differ from others, and what does he bring to the team?

– He has a lot of good ideas, and he is a really good captain. He understands that he just needed to find our style of play, and that's probably what set him apart from others.

Screenshot 4

– Many people are wondering how big the role of the server is when teams from Brazil and Peru play? You said that on the Brazilian server, Peruvians play with a ping of about 80, and on the Peruvian server, Brazilians play with a ping of about 100. And what about the server "East of the USA"?

- Yes, I don't know why, but we have a ping of 100-110 there. I think we could play on a server like Chile, which is suitable even for both teams. But, in the end, we played in the East of the USA, which gives the same ping. I don't like this way of playing official matches. I like it when both teams get the same ping, and this is what makes the game interesting in the end. I'm not sure, but for others in Brazil, ping is worse, as I already said (120-140). But it's better for us, because we are located in the northeast of Brazil, and we have a ping of 90. This was one of the reasons why SG built its gaming house there.

– If you play in the eastern United States, then the question immediately arises: why do you need bad ones, even if you have your own servers in Peru and Brazil?

– We need to get us to practice on our stage. To be completely honest, the SA scene has grown a lot. But the problem is in the location of the server. If this problem is solved, GG, we will no longer need to play in the Eastern United States. Now we really like it, because it makes the American scene unified, but it's still difficult for people who have bad internet or ping on eastern Peru/USA servers.

– Can only Valve fix the servers or is there a problem with a bad Internet in South America?

– I think that Valve can fix the servers. The problem is not on the Internet in SA, lol. The problem is in the location of the servers. I think if they could see how difficult it is to achieve stability on the servers, perhaps the SA scene could work even better.


– For the first time, there will be 3 teams from South America at TI10. There was only one before. What does this mean for the region, do you think? Will it give some new impetus? 

– It will be amazing for everyone, this is the most suitable moment for SA! I hope that more organizations and sponsors will support our stage again. Dota is a game that can move mountains, and I think that in the future Valve will be able to see what we are capable of!– Maybe they will finally hold a Major in Peru or Brazil?

– I hope so! Imagine a major in Lima or Brazil?! Of course, I want it to be held in Brazil! Lots of cuisine, lots of great beaches, man, it would be great to spend TI here. I have a 100% guarantee that everyone will like it!

– What do you expect from The International 10? It is clear that we do not even know the venue yet, but still your expectations for the results or even just your thoughts on the upcoming tournament and the teams that have qualified there.

– Our biggest expectations are to win TI. We know it's not that easy, but we are confident in how we should play to achieve something like this. We don't really think about it, and we think we'll do our best on TI.


– Finally, wishes to fans from all over the world?

– I want to thank everyone that supports us even in the bad moments. I want to shout out to our friends, fans, SG Esports and my friend. But, a special person that’s with me in the whole path: Deia! I love you so much and thank you for supporting me in all big moments of my life!


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