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10 ноября 2015 05:51

Engfeed / CDEC Gaming: Can they do in Frankfurt what they did in Seatle?

Since placing second at TI5, CDEC Gaming have had a mixed run of form, struggling to grapple with 6.85 Dota. Could the Frankfurt Major be the event where they show their strength once more?

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10 ноября 2015 05:49

Engfeed / Vega Squadron, the latest victims of the visa issue

Visa rejected for CeMaTheSlayer of Vega Squadron as the Frankfurt Major nears.

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10 ноября 2015 04:36

Engfeed / Canada Cup Season 6 announced

The “stay frosty” tournament is back with its sixth edition which promises to be even bigger than the previous seasons.

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10 ноября 2015 04:34

Engfeed / Alliance: The Redemption of the Fallen Kings

The million dollar Dream Coil, the undefeatable Lone Druid, and the swift movements of Io, all these treasurable moments of Alliance at TI3 almost sound like a myth for new players and spectators of DotA 2. After winning TI3, from placing 11th-12th at TI4, to not even qualifying for TI5, Alliance’s performance have been going downhill.

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10 ноября 2015 04:33

Engfeed / Mski-Dota partners with TV5, World Balance; earns national team stature

In yet another monumental occassion for local esports, premier Filipino gaming team Mineski-Dota revealed through a joint press conference its upcoming partnership with local media giant TV5 as well as renowned shoe and clothing manufacturer World Balance.

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9 ноября 2015 12:41

Engfeed / Summit 4: qualifiers are over, the teams are set

After many games and weeks the teams are known for the upcoming Summit 4.

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9 ноября 2015 12:40

Engfeed / Invictus Gaming’s spot for Frankfurt Major taken by NewBee.Young

As NewBee.Young are the official replacement for Invictus Gaming at the Fall Major, the Chinese organization will attend the event with both of their squads.

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9 ноября 2015 12:38

Engfeed / NiP makes major management changes

The Ninjas in Pyjamas have revealed that among other changes, CEO Per Lilliefelth has been removed from his position.

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9 ноября 2015 12:37

Engfeed / Airlines Union Member's strike could prevent players from arriving for Frankfurt Major

UFO union members strike at Frankfurt am Main will result in a lot of canceled flights, including those of players.

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9 ноября 2015 12:35

Engfeed / Global eSports Cup: five out of eight Vilnius LAN spots have been claimed

The South East Asia, CIS and Chinese regional qualifiers for Game Show - Global eSports Cup have concluded with Vega, Empire, TnC, Invictus Gaming and NewBee booking their tickets for the studio LAN playoffs that will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania from 30th of November to December 3rd.

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